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April 12, 2021

ICCJ: MP Ioan Oltean, investigated under judicial control

The judges with the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) on Thursday rejected the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) request on placing Deputy Ioan Oltean under pre-trial arrest, who is indicted in the criminal case regarding property claims awarded by National Property Returning Agency (ANRP) and decided on his being investigated under judicial control.

The decision is not final and the DNA can appeal it.

Ioan Oltean is prosecuted in the case regarding property claims awarded by National Property Returning Agency for influence peddling and being an accomplice to abuse of office that led to the public office holder gaining ill-gotten gains for self or others.

According to the DNA, on June 17, 2010, Catalin Teodorescu and other defendants who were on the ANRP Central Claims Award Board (chair Crinuta Dumitrean and members Sergiu Diacomatu, Remus Baciu, Attila Marko, Rodica Constantinovici and Lacramioara Alexandru) by abusive conduct of office duties and in violation of the law approved a report under which a plot of land of nearly 62,000 square metres located in the city of Pitesti was valued as nearly 109 million lei, an amount that was awarded to Mihai Rotaru to settle claims to the land.

The prosecutors claim that the land was nearly 87.3 million lei overvalued, which is damage to the national budget and an advantage to Mihai Rotaru.

The DNA says the proof administered indicates that MP Ioan Oltean, with shared interests with Rotaru and ANRP chair Crinuta Dumitrean, exercised his influence over the ANRP chair for the speeding up and approval of the claims to Rotaru.

In exchange for this help, assignee Rotaru paid Ioan Oltean 600,000 euros previous to June 17, 2010; their meeting place was the inside of a parish in Chitila.

In this case, ICCJ decided on Thursday that Mihai Rotaru, Crinuta Dumitrean, Sergiu Diacomatu, Remus Baciu, Attila Marko, Rodica Constantinovici, Lacramioara Alexandru and evaluator Sergiu Negurici be investigated under judicial control.

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