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January 16, 2021

MEP Cristian Busoi, designated PNL candidate for Bucharest Mayoralty

The national Liberal Party ( PNL) Bucharest branch designated MEP Cristian Busoi on Wednesday as a candidate of the party for the Mayoralty of Bucharest. Busoi is yet to be approved by the leadership of the Liberal party.

The announcement was made by PNL Bucharest co-chairs Anca Boagiu and Teodor Atanasiu, who mentioned that the decision was reached unanimously, taking into account the integrity criteria established by PNL.

“The PNL candidate for the General Mayoralty of Bucharest is Cristian Busoi. (The decision was reached, editor’s note) unanimously, there were no abstaining and no votes against it. We are in blockstart, it is a highly important moment. We wish Cristi plenty of success and we will assure him of the support of the entire organization for the competition we hope with all our hearts that he would easily win”, co-chair of PNL Bucharest Anca Boagiu declared.

On his turn, PNL co-chair Teodor Atanasiu declared that the candidate’s designation was made considering, first of all, the integrity criteria adopted by PNL, as well as his chances of winning and his growth potential in the next few months.

The PNL candidate for the Mayoralty of Bucharest, MEP Cristian Busoi, declared that the responsibility he has to manage was tremendous and that he understands precisely the hopes and expectations of colleagues from PNL Bucharest as well as those of the voters of PNL Bucharest.”
Cristian Busoi pointed out that Bucharest was a city overcrowded by traffic, with a heat system ongoing a terrible crisis, a city in danger to lose a consistent share of the European funds it might request in the financial exercise that was recently closed. “Bucharest is a capital that was never led appropriately”, Busoi declared.

The PNL candidate to the Mayoralty of Bucharest also promised that he would present detailed solutions to Bucharesters’ issues next week.

“We are waiting for the designation of candidates for Mayoralties by my colleagues in PNL Bucharest and the validation at central level of the candidates for the six districts to have a full team; then, we will make all efforts to persuade Bucharesters that we not only have the adequate solutions, but that we are also ready to implement and we can manage the administration of Bucharest with much more devotion and honesty”, Cristian Busoi stated.

Ludovic Orban: Appearances by Busoi around President Iohannis, part of campaign strategy

Prime Vice-President of PNL Ludovic Orban declared on Wednesday that the appearances made by PNL MEP Cristian Busoi in the company of President Klaus Iohannis are part of the campaign “recipe”, thus stating that the Head of the State was likely to express a certain preference.

“They are part of the campaign recipe, perhaps President Iohannis wanted to show us a certain preference”, PNL Prime Vice-President Ludovic Orban declared, himself a member of the internal race for the Mayoralty of Bucharest.

At the National Council, due on December 11, according to Ludovic Orban, the candidate supported by PNL in the race for the Mayoralty of Bucharest may only be announced, not validated.
Liberals in the Bucharest organization met on Wednesday in a special meeting, in order to designate the candidate for the Mayoralty of Bucharest, that may be announced in the National Council of Friday. The designated candidate will be chosen based on the results of opinion polls ordered by PNL. Cristian Busoi, who had joined the internal race for the Mayoralty of Bucharest appeared on Tuesday besides President Iohannis at an event dedicated to the patrimony of Bucharest. Neither of the two wished to provide explanations concerning the presence of the Euro-Deputy, but it was interpreted as a sign of support from behalf of the Head of the State.

Moreover, when asked by journalists, co-chair Vasile Blaga declared on Monday, at the end of the PNL meeting, that the Euro-Deputy was an option for the Mayoralty of Bucharest.

Liberal member of the European Parliament Cristian Busoi joined the internal competition of PNL to designate the candidate to the Mayoralty of Bucharest as early as June, pointing out that he wanted to propose “public policies based on the pattern offered to Romania by President Klaus Iohannis”.

The internal race for the Mayoralty of Bucharest was also joined at that point by Prime Vice-President Ludovic Orban, Deputy Costica Canacheu and Petre Roman, who was automatically removed from the list under the circumstances that he is investigated in the Miners’ Riots file.

The following Liberals joined the competition for Districts: District 1 – Diana Tusa, District 2 – Dan Cristian Popescu, District 3 – Eugen Nicolaescu, Cristian Tudorache, Bogdan Jansen, District 4 – Marius Rogin, District 5 – Ovidiu Raetchi and District 6 – Razvan Mironescu.

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