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May 17, 2022

PNL National Council adopts integrity criteria for potential candidates

The National Council of the National Liberal Party (PNL) has adopted on Friday the integrity criteria the next year’s elections’ potential candidates should comply to, among which the fact that they shouldn’t have been irrevocably convicted or prosecuted, have not been floor-crossers and have not plagiarized.

The PNL candidates shouldn’t have been members or collaborators of the former political police during Ceausescu-era, the Securitate, should have not been proven undercover officers and to have not had any paid positions in the leadership of the former Romanian Communist Party, at any level.

Other criteria provide that they should have not changed their political appurtenance so that they are running for a third political party, other than by mergers, to have not hired within the public bodies they were or still are running, family members such as husband/wife, 1st degree relatives, to not be part in businesses or contracts with the body they are running for or in institutions subordinated to that body, to not have irregularities or fakes found through final legal decisions in their declaration of assets and interests.

Likewise, the candidates should not be under the effect of a final decision of incompatibility or conflict of interests, should not have had racist, chauvinistic, xenophobic or discriminatory statements or attitudes, found through final decisions, should have not debts older than one year to the local budget, as individuals, should have not been proven through final court decisions that they have obtained diplomas or other titles through plagiarism.

The wishful candidates should have not been sentenced through final decision for corruption, for offenses committed with intent or violence, a criminal prosecution should not be started against them for taken or given bribe, should not have been sent to court for other crimes committed with intent and be in a preventive situation – custody, house arrest or judicial control for any crime with intent.

The integrity criteria were adopted with majority of votes, with one vote against and one abstention.

PNL’s Blaga: Those losing local elections will not be holding PNL leading positions

National Liberal Party (PNL) Co-chairman Vasile Blaga on Friday said that none of the party members who lose in next year’s elections will hold any leading position in the PNL.

“The achievements of the party in the future election year will be the sum of achievements of all our county and local organizations. That is why in good faith and fairly I am telling you now that none of those who lose in elections at home will be in the leadership of the great National Liberal Party,” Vasile Blaga told the PNL National Council meeting.

He pointed out that no one owns a seat in Parliament or in administration.

“The reform is done step by step, on clear, realistic criteria, applied with good faith and political will. No one owns a seat in Parliament or in administration. We shall open the party’s doors even wider and the criteria we establish today are part of a more comprehensive process of modernizing the party. We have no other way than reform understood as renewal and professionalization based on competence, merits and integrity,” Blaga also said, according to Agerpres.

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