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January 24, 2022

Romanian accused of ISIS propaganda, released on conditional bail

The 17-year-old teenager from Craiova, accused of engaging in Islamist propaganda, was released on conditional bail on Wednesday evening. That same day, the teenager underwent a medical examination. Authorities wanted to establish whether he has power of discernment after they discovered he was attempting to buy weapons and grenades online.

National Forensics Institute (INML) specialists stated for ‘Adevarul’ daily that the examination has not ended, “several sessions set to take place in order to establish his discernment.” According to the officials, psychiatric assessment is a lengthy process that usually lasts a week. In some cases hospitalization is required if the members of the medical panel, namely forensic experts and psychiatrists, believe it is mandatory. The commission’s diagnosis is preliminary and will be subsequently confirmed by specialists from the Obregia Psychiatric Hospital.

“No legal measures can be taken against the person concerned until there is a final diagnosis confirmed by the hospital. In this case we do not have a final diagnosis,” INML officials pointed out.

The teenager’s mother was summoned in the morning at the DIICOT headquarters in order to accompany her son, at the doctors’ request, to the psychiatric examination, judicial sources have stated for Mediafax.

“He was very indoctrinated, verbally very violent and aggressive but only if you were attacking his religion. He said he is willing to die for Allah. His life no longer mattered either. He was a child in love with religion,” the boy’s mother stated for the press. The woman now blames the imam of the mosque his son was attending in Craiova. The imam however defends himself by saying he could not have turned the boy away.

Prosecutors have decided to investigate the teenager on conditional bail, so that he was able to leave with his mother for Craiova. Strict bail conditions have been ordered in his case.
The teenager was detained by DIICOT prosecutors on Tuesday evening. The prosecutors raided his home on the same day then heard him. The teenager was detained and accused of promoting Islamic fundamentalism through propaganda, a crime stipulated by Article 33, Paragraph 4 of Law 535/2004 on combating and preventing terrorism.

Investigators were informed that the young man was systematically posting on the Internet messages of support for terrorist groups, videos showing the beheading of persons captured by ISIS members as well as videos featuring threatening messages and the use of means liable to endanger the lives and bodily integrity of persons.

According to prosecutors, the young man allegedly expressed his willingness to become a martyr for the Islamic State, either by going where the terrorist group operates or by sacrificing himself in a European state at the order of the members of the group. He allegedly inquired how he could procure AK assault rifles, grenades, bulletproof vests and he studied ways of constructing homemade bombs.

Prosecutors state that against the backdrop of his profound radicalization the teenager ended up persuading new persons to become the followers of the Islamic State.

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