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June 22, 2021

Mihai Sturzu breaks up with PSD, Gabriel Petrea is the Social Democratic Youth president

Gabriel Petrea was elected on Saturday president of the Social Democratic Youth (TSD) by the congress of the Social Democratic Party’s youth organization.

Gabriela Podasca also ran for the position, but Petrea, who has so far been TSD Secretary-general, made a landslide win with 801 votes, while his opponent only got 189 votes.

Former TSD leader, Social Democratic deputy Mihai Sturzu (photo), said he was considering breaking up with PSD and that he might resign from the party on Monday, after he traded jabs with PSD Chairman Liviu Dragnea, whom he openly accused of manipulation. Sturzu asked Dragnea to step down as PSD leader because he is involved in a corruption case, while in his turn Dragnea accused Sturzu of coming up with a political scenario that was to generate a movement and subsequently a political alliance.

Sturzu said he only wanted more independence for TSD and deplored the fact that five years had to pass and the party to experience defeat in elections for people to grasp that PSD cannot actually reform. He mentioned that he asked Dragnea to step back based on the party’s Code of Conduct and on the fact that the PSD statutes require someone sentenced for corruption to relinquish party membership.

Dragnea countered by accusing Sturzu of trying to exploit the Colectiv tragedy for political gains and ride the emotional wave in order to nail down a political alliance, an offer which, Dragnea said, he firmly turned down.

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