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May 22, 2022

Korean Businessmen share hearts with school in Bucharest

We are now close to the winter holidays, when everybody, young or old, prepares to spend them together with the loved ones in the best conditions.

As it is a very special celebration, we prepare our tables with the best foods and everybody enjoys the love and warmth of the family.

However, for some of the people, this joy is shadowed by the lack of material possibilities and the solitude and isolation they live in make people not to remember them anymore or offer them a present.
Unfortunately, such cases are numerous.

“We are people and we should be sensitive to their helplessness and not be careless to their needs.With the help of people who believe in God, who know and understand what suffering means, their life can be changed in good. Christmas is also the moment when many companies who have behind them faithful and generous people, think of the faith of the underprivileged and try, according to their possibilities, to bring a moment of happiness,” Toader Cojocaru, Director, School no. 127, Bucharest told Nine O’Clock.

Two weeks before the arrival of the winter holidays, Santa Claus’s messengers have announced their visit with gifts for the pupils and teachers from School no. 127 from District 5, Bucharest.

The Korean Businessmen Association (KBA) in Romania has organised a fundraising this winter, with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Bucharest, in order to help the pupils of School no. 127. The companies, member of the KBA, who are making donations are Agro Kit, Castec, Ceragem, Daewoo International, Dami Restaurant, Dongbu Daewoo, Doosan IMGB, GMB Korea, GNW Global, Huns Industry, KOTRA, LG Electronics, Otelinox, Saehwaimc, Samsung Electronics, Seoul Restaurant, UIL and YG-1.
The president of KBA and the person who has taken care of the entire fundraising is Mr. Park EuiChul, CEO of Otelinox.

In order to respond to the school’s needs, the KBA has decided to equip the ITC laboratory which, previously, was equipped with several very old computers. The newly equipped laboratory consists of fifteen (15) computers, which will help the pupils learn how to use computers, an elementary request on today’s labor market.

Besides the ITC laboratory, the donations have been directed towards thirty (30) underprivileged children who learn in this school. They have received all the necessary school materials, along with winter clothing and equipment, so that they could take part to the classes in a normal way, even in bad weather conditions.

On the occasion of the winter holidays, the KBA, with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, has also offered small Christmas presents for all the children who learn at School no. 127.

The event has taken place at the school, in the sports room, on December 11, 2015. All the above mentioned items were offered to the children, within the event. Moreover, the ITC laboratory was installed and inaugurated on the same day.

As a reward for the received gifts, the children and the teachers have prepared, in their turn, an artistic performance, including poetry, Christmas carols, and modern dances.

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