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December 8, 2021

Romanian Social Party’s Geoana: Romania needs new country project, version for 21st century

The Romanian Social Party’s Chairman Mircea Geoana considers that Romania needs a new country project, a version for the 21st century, but also a breath of fresh air, competence and enthusiasm in politics.

“There is no developed nation in the history of mankind and there will never be a developed and prosperous nation in the absence of a decent political class and a decent and stable government. This is also the essence of the ‘Programme 51%’, which we are debating on Sunday in Brasov. (…) According to the ‘Programme 51%,’ all elected and appointed functions within the party or what we will do in the future are offered to those who have never been involved in politics, the idea being to bring talent and competence into a political world rather discredited. Some of those who made politics and deserve to go further must do it, is also our obligation, but a breath of fresh air, competence and enthusiasm are needed in politics. Romania needs a new country project, a version for the 21 century,” Mircea Geoana told Agerpres on Sunday.

He added that several young people from the country and abroad have joined the project, which comprises three major obligatory levels.

According to him, firstly, it is mandatory to reinvent the Romanian political system and the state’s administration. A second change that must be made is in the country’s economic model, which is not working, and the third issue is continuing vigorously the fight against corruption, in parallel with prevention and good governance, added Geoana.

The city of Brasov is the venue of the Regional Conference of the Romanian Social Party, Centre Region, titled “Romania at the Threshold of Centenary – Opportunities and Challenges.” Attending the meeting are representatives of the party’s organizations from Transylvania, but also from the counties of Dambovita, Ploiesti, Bacau, and business people invited the economic environment.

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