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October 19, 2021

Traian Basescu to Popular Movement youth: “Whether you want to or not, you will be thrown in the political battle”

On Sunday, Gabriel Ionut Popa was unanimously elected President of the newly set up Popular Movement Youth Organization. Popa was unanimously elected with 2,075 votes in favour. On this occasion, the organization’s leadership team was also elected, consisting of 29 members. Jean Andrei Falcescu was elected Secretary General. The congress meeting took place in the presence of Popular Movement President Traian Basescu and of the other members of the party’s central leadership.

Popular Movement President Traian Basescu congratulated the young people present and told them to take into account the fact that in politics there are no apologies and the value of each one is given by the number of votes.

“What we have in this room now is the future of the party. I am only its temporary present. The party will have to get into your hands as soon as possible, because my generation did what it could, both good and bad, attained its major goals, namely the country is now a NATO and EU member, it has a market economy, but our times are over. Your time has come, and this party is the expression of this decision that we have taken, for a new generation of politicians to represent us and to represent Romanians. (…) I would like those elected to treat the youth organization as they do the senior organization, because you are those for whom this party is being built,” Traian Basescu said at the Congress meeting that saw the setting up of the Popular Movement’s Youth Organization.

He reminded that the Popular Movement’s National Council established that each county branch should offer an eligible place on its lists of candidates for local and parliamentary elections to a member of the youth branch.

“At the National Council meeting today we established that all branches should have at least one eligible place for the youth organization in both the local and parliamentary elections of 2016. This means that whether you like it or not you will be thrown in the political battle. (…) Contact with people is what makes you politicians once you have joined a party. (…) When people salute you and know you, then you can say you are a politician. My recommendation for you is to be active, to explain what you want from politics and what we want from politics and, most of all, to explain that you are the party for Romania’s future, not the party that handled the transition period. (…) Some handled the transition, others have to develop the stable Romania. (…) It’s important for Romania to become a modern state, strong economically and socially, a state with a low level of poverty,” Basescu stated.

In this context, he also referred to PSD Youth Organization’s Congress meeting, stating that a “terrible” thing happened there, namely the “beheading” of the President of Social Democrat Youth for daring to ask the PSD President to resign considering the fact that he was sentenced in a criminal case. “Because he dared [to do that], this man was beheaded,” Basescu said.
Traian Basescu said that he had not assumed the leadership of the Popular Movement in order to attain certain personal political goals but to leave behind a party that responds efficiently to the voters’ current demands, a party that will want to win the highest position in the state in 2024.

”I am not the party’s president because I still have personal political aspirations. What I really want is to leave behind a performing party, a party that can meet today’s demands of the voters in Romania and of Romania in general. And which will start a political cycle with the 2016 elections and prolong it toward 2024, aspiring to the position of Romania’s President. It is a long-term goal, which depends a lot on the results you will register in local and parliamentary elections in 2016 and which would enable you to consolidate the party from 2016 to 2020 so that in 2024 you may set the highest political goals,” Traian Basescu told Sunday’s opening of the National Council of the Popular Movement.

According to him, the Popular Movement aims to score 10-12 per cent of the votes in next year’s local elections.

”We have set for the local elections a political target of 10-12 per cent, which would create prerequisites to win 15 to 20 per cent of the votes in parliamentary elections. This matter cannot be resolved without having consistent organizational structures. That is why I insist on one objective at the moment, namely on the creation of [party] structures particularly in rural areas,” said Basescu.

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