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February 3, 2023

Decoding Mr. Dragnea’s code

A political party is defined by two grand documents that establish doctrine, and also, organize and structure the activity.

These documents are: the party statute and its political programme.

Any other document derived of these two fundamental ones is not just secondary, but also useless.

In a Romanian political life defined by alliances that defy doctrines, by fusions in the same manner, by lack of identity, of independence and power and, most of all, by an obvious lack of skills and of acting accordingly to the statute and to the political programme, creating and discussing moral, ethics, integrity, verification codes, etc., cannot represent anything else but a repetition of things that are more than obvious and already over-emphasised.

The greatest left-wing party in Romania has, for a short while, a new chair whose entire personality was based on the idea of reform, sewn on the long-publicized code of ethics and conduct that, in itself, should have represented the idea of change the present leader has made and is still making so much fuss about, an idea I do not want to restart analyzing now.
Similarly, I will not insist on using ethics and / or moral integrity codes that were used for so long in our political life as pretexts for renewal whenever anyone wanted to launch on the market the idea of “something different”, just to prove this way that a political party or another, a politician or another can thus regain a new status and image.

A new status and image that, actually, never truly existed. And could never be proved.

Similarly, I will not insist on the PNL ethics and moral code because I dot see it necessary in this comment to discuss things or people that do not exist, or only exist formally.
In all recent discussions about ethics and moral codes of the parties, genuine paravans and smoke curtains carefully and intricately projected between the public opinions and things that actually matter, I would ask Mr. chair of PSD Liviu Dragnea the reason why, if he truly wishes a reform of PSD, he does not start it by doing what is, not just logically, in the good sense of political logic and the operating logic of a party, but also the most pragmatic thing to do: the radical change of the two fundamental party documents?

I would love to repeat it, Mr. Liviu Dragnea, I mean a change in the actual meaning of this term. Based on actual leadership principles and plans you have for PSD. Not change for the sake of appearances. No improvised solutions. And, most of all, not a change based on an “ethics and moral” code that has the sole effect of canceling precisely the things you want to reform.
In this case, I could only suspect you of crass incompetence to lead a political party (and this, in your case, is far from the truth and outright ridiculous.) Or by the fact that the thing that truly concerns you is not actually the change and reform of PSD (a fact due to be proved and increasingly plausible.)
And this genuine concern you have is covered by a few false pretences:

1. The various codes of all sorts you are trying to impose, not as much inside of PSD as in the outside of the party, most of all.
2. The progressive loss (seemingly! Sic!) in the power of PSD. A power loss that reached its peak and was deemed official once the Ciolos Government was installed; not to mention less than favourable electoral forecasts that have all the potential to create terrible worry of the things that might even justify point 1.

Both points are nonetheless proven false and, at the same time, implicitly emphasised by your own unusual behaviour and by your positioning, as the leader of a party, therefore, a group with a fully issued and completely political statute and programme, towards a completely apolitical Government.

And you, Mr. Dragnea, feel entitled to held this Government responsible and to issue ultimatums dedicated by them, presenting them as breaking news, where you push your claim as the true Master of the Government Court, although one held behind the scenes, in a less visible manner, by demands and assertions that can only lead us to the conclusion that somebody is trying to prove where the real switch of power is found.

But there is nothing surprising; everything is revealed and as obvious as possible in this series of events.

The behaviour and attitude of Mr. chair of PSD Liviu Dragnea towards Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos bears no difference whatsoever to the behaviour and attitude of the person and chair of PSD Liviu Dragnea, towards Prime Minister Victor Ponta.

All of these and another range of signs make me think about somebody else. Another President. Who never ceased to behave identically with Mr. Dragnea tovards his subordinates, those of the Government and those of anywhere else, in any area of politics and beyond.

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