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March 17, 2023

Helen Doron English International Centre Romania – the novel story of a successful investment in education

Her name is Stefania Filip, she is first of all the mother of two, a specialist in children’s education and an entrepreneur, and 6 years ago she had the courage and inspiration to invest time and money in order to implement in Romania a unique English language learning system. The Helen Doron English International Centre Romania has grown to the level of the other international centres that have generated positive results for over 2 million children worldwide.

The businesswoman revealed on Saturday the secrets behind her business success in a world dominated by men, at a conference organized by the “Work At Home Moms” Association.
Stefania Filip showed to the mothers present at the event what the steps they have to follow in order to succeed in business are and how 90 per cent of the 800 Helen Doron English centres in the world are owned and led by the representatives of the fair sex.

“As a rule, our children have a very strong motivation for independence and success, and I have the advantage of being the mother of two children for whom I wish the best when it comes to education and growing in this environment filled with the richness of knowledge. I chose to invest time and money in order to bring to Romania the revolutionary method of teaching-learning English, a method created by the famous British professor Helen Doron, because this changes the way our children learn and perceive learning in all situations in which they run into it, not just in the case of English. Thanks to the British professor and her method, I had the surprise of seeing my son move on from the “No English!” expression he kept repeating to “English is easy!” Six years and two Cambridge exams later, exams he successfully passed, I can say that the method has transformed not only the way in which my child was learning, but also showed him that it is fun and easy to learn. Then I took the decision to convince other mothers that they can make a risk-free investment in coordinating an educational centre, because we are not building a business from scratch, we are using a franchise. This means that there is already know-how, a knowledge base, a base of teaching and business materials that the investor receives from the franchise and which he can exploit to his advantage,” education specialist Stefania Filip, coordinator of the Helen Doron English International Centre in Romania, stated.

Helen Doron English is an international institution that has 30 years of success in teaching English to children in the 0-18 age group. Over 2 million children from all over the world speak English today thanks to Helen Doron English.

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