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September 17, 2021

Priorities of PNL’s candidate for Bucharest City Hall: “hospital, traffic, heating”

MEP Cristian Busoi, PNL’s nominated candidate for the Bucharest City Hall elections next year, stated on Saturday at a press conference in Targu Mures that he has identified three main priorities for Bucharest: a new integrated hospital, solving the traffic problem, heating and its costs.

“The new hospital is the main point in the electoral programme, at least at this moment. I had a series of public debates in Bucharest, their result being three priorities. The hospital – the health system or health services in Bucharest in general – is one of the priorities against the backdrop in which the City Hall has 19 hospitals under its authority. Solving the traffic [problem] is the second very important point, and the heating bills and heating system is the third. Maybe not in this order, because traffic is the most important,” Busoi stated.
He pointed out that the new hospital he has in mind has to be a place in which all medical practice branches should be found, one that would offer the highest quality [of service], based on the model of Vienna’s AHK and of other big hospitals in Europe.

“Today we have many hospitals in Bucharest (…) but unfortunately there is no place that offers complete medical services, eliminating the need to transfer complex cases between hospitals, just as there is also no place that registers performance at all levels. Everywhere there are very important oases of performance, comparable to those in Western European counties, but just like in the case of the Colectiv nightclub fire in which the injured had to be transferred to a lot of places, some of which were not very prepared to receive them, (…) there has to be a health centre for Romanians, because the patients there will not be Bucharesters alone, and the model I have in mind is AKH. I believe Bucharest has to do this too,” Cristian Busoi said.

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