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January 27, 2022

Senator Bogdan Stan appointed head of National Integrity Agency

Bogdan Stan was appointed on Monday in the Senate plenary sitting president of the National Integrity Agency (ANI) for a four-year term.

Stan was elected at the Agency’s helm by a vote of 76 to six and three abstentions.

Addressing the Senate plenary, Stan said he is “one hundred percent” a product of ANI.

“I am one hundred percent a product of this institution. (…) We have a very busy and intense period ahead as far as our activity is concerned. An election year with two ballot cycles will follow, the number of wealth and interest statements will double, the number of challenges will go up too. Thus, we must take all the steps to make sure things fare well in the future. ANI will beef up its prevention activity, its awareness-raising actions and the education of staff required to file wealth and interest statements, while of course carrying on with checking and sanctioning integrity incidents. We need to reinvent this institution in the period ahead. From this point of view we need the help of all institutional stakeholders involved in this process,” said Bogdan Stan.

After taking the oath of office, Bogdan Stan said that beginning December 14 he is resigning from his current position as ANI vice-president and that he will file his resignation with the Senate.

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