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April 11, 2021

Traffic in the area of the Eroilor “pit”, restricted for 30 days

The persons completing the work blame the two gigantic machines digging the subway tunnels for the future Artery 5 from Drumul Taberei. They arrived to the entrance to the Eroilor 2 station and on Friday at noon, the first of them, “Varvara”, broke a pipe evacuating water from the ground, and the water poured into the underground water, which caused the land in the area to soften. At that point, approximately 500 cube metres of water, stones and sand flew into the subway station, leaving behind a “void” under the concrete plaque under the Sanitary Heroes Boulevard.

After the accident, at the time the first slides under the road appared the builder filled the void with almost 70 cube metres of concrete, yet, the phenomenon of sliding continued and 120 more cube metres of concrete were poured. Finally, the sliding was stopped. For safety, though, authorities decided to evacuate persons living in the two blocks of flats nearby.
Moreover, works on the new subway section were stopped, and road traffic in the area was stopped.

Artery 5 Drumul Taberei (Raul Doamnei) – Eroilor 2 is being built by the association Astaldi – FCC Construccion – Delta ACM – AB Construct for approximately RON 1 billion, hotnews.ro reported.
Works on the tunnels and on the structure of stations would be finished at the beginning of the year 2016. Afterwards, there would be finishing and installing all required devices, so that the subway line would become functional by the end of 2016.

The Bucharest Autonomous Board of Transportation (RATB) decided to found a new bus station at Eroilor, on Stirbei Voda Street, after asphalt in the area the subway works were conducted crashed, announced RATB spokesperson Constantin Tobescu.

On his turn, the spokesperson of Bucharest Mayoralty, Alexandru Ichim, declared that, during the 30 days, “there will be permanent measures to assure the flow of traffic”.
“We continue the surveillance of intervention works in Eroilor area. The measures of traffic restriction and deviation would be maintained for the next 30 days”, he added, mentioning that the inhabitants of Militari and Drumul Taberei neighbourhoods would be affected directly by these changes.

The interim General Mayor of Bucharest, Razvan Sava, summoned on Tuesday, at the residence of the Bucharest Mayoralty, the representatives of Metrorex, of the Traffic Police, of the Emergency Situations Inspectorate and of the State Inspectorate in Constructions to discuss intervention measures for securing the area and eventual measures of prevention of the road traffic expansion in Eroilor area, where the field crashed, as there was the risk of road crash.

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