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May 17, 2021

62 pc of Romanian emigrants want to invest in Romania

+ 70 pc of them want to return home

Sixty-two per cent of Romanian emigrant want to invest in developing a business in Romania, according to the Open-I Research survey on the Romanian Diaspora, a survey authored for the Romanian Business Leaders Association. They consider that the most attractive domains are tourism (50 per cent) and agriculture (44 per cent), but the main barrier they sense is the high degree of corruption in the country.

The survey shows that the main reason that pushes Romanians to leave the country is the possibility of having better living standards and jobs (70 per cent of respondents), but they admit that in the new lives they build for themselves abroad they miss their loved ones (73 per cent) and social interactions (33 per cent). The interesting fact is that although 70 per cent of respondents want to return to the country, 46 per cent of them have no concrete plans in this sense. Moreover, most of them consider that their future in Romania would be uncertain, particularly because of the high degree of corruption. Thus, the latter is the main reason why they no longer want to return home (83 per cent), while the lack of corruption is mentioned by 56 per cent of them as one of the most important advantages offered by their adoptive countries (56 per cent), surpassed only by better living standards (70 per cent).

“Coming from a culture in which family and the feeling of belonging represent essential values, Romanians most of the time have difficulties in adapting to a new environment, far from their families. On the other hand, as much as they would like to return to Romania, corruption, low living standards and the differences in mentality represent the most important impediments,” Open-I Research Managing Director Adina Nica stated.

“Although the living standards that Romanian emigrants perceive abroad are superior to the ones in the country, an important percentage of them want to return home. Moreover, they are interested in investing in opening a business in Romania, and 81 per cent of them regularly send money to Romania.”

The survey also shows that half of Romanian emigrants (48 per cent) are optimistic in what concerns the country’s future, while 34 per cent of them believe nothing will change. Although they want to return to the country, most of the respondents (43 per cent) encourage others to leave the country, while only 27 per cent of them discourage them. The reasons invoked by those encouraging are related to career and living standards, while the reasons invoked by those discouraging them consist of the absence of family (11 per cent) and the idealized image that Romanians have about life abroad (11 per cent).

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