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August 12, 2022

Parliament passes 2016 state budget draft law , draft social insurance law

The joint sitting of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate has adopted, on Wednesday, the draft law for the 2016 state budget.

The vote was 309 in favour to 13 against.

On Tuesday afternoon, the plenary meeting of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate adopted, on article-by-article basis and with the corresponding annexes, the draft state budget law for next year, with 22 amendments being approved and 309 rejected, respectively.

“The state budget law was adopted on articles and with annexes, basically in the version it was presented to the plenary meeting by the specialized committees as well as the draft state social insurance law, with annexes. The committees’ report proposed the adoption in the plenary meeting of 22 amendments and the rejection of 309. (…) The voting of the plenary meeting admitted 22 amendments and rejected 309. We started off the debates within the specialized committees with 273 amendments, the number increased to 331 in total due to a provision in the regulation allowing each member of the committee debating a draft law to be able to add amendments, to request the debate in amendments drafted during debates,” president of the committee on budget and finance Viorel Stefan stated.

The Parliament wrapped up debates in connection with the 2016 budget, by adopting 12 annexes (annex No. 3 with 55 subdivisions). They totalled 299 amendments, most of them recorded at the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration (79) and the Ministry of Transport (83), according to a statement issued by the Chamber of Deputies.

In regards to the 2016 state social insurance law, debated Tuesday in Parliament, it regulates and authorizes revenues on chapters and subchapters and the expenses according to purpose, for the state social insurance budget, unemployment insurance budget, the synthesis of state institutions partially financed from own revenues as well as specific regulations to next year’s budget.

The main provisions of the law refer to the average gross salary used as a basis for the social insurance budget for 2016, which stands at 2,681 lei, as well as the pension reference point, which will stand, as of next year, at 871,7 lei.

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