Foreign Minister Comanescu: Deveselu anti-missile defence system not designed as instrument against Russian Federation

Minister of Foreign Affairs Lazar Comanescu stated on Thursday that the Deveselu anti-missile defence system, scheduled to become active on Friday, was not designed as an instrument directed at the Russian Federation, but aims to be a defence shield in a world where, from the point of view of security, non-state actors are becoming more troublesome.

“Again: building this facility in Deveselu, very clearly, is not directed, was not designed to be an instrument against the Russian Federation. (It is – editor’s note) a defence shield, but in a world in which we discover that from a security perspective, non-state actors are the most worrying. I insist on this aspect. Defence, including anti-missile, gains another dimension and a different importance,” the minister stated in an interview for DC News.

In the context where, on Wednesday, the press published a series of declarations of commander of the Strategic Missile Forces Colonel General Sergei Karakayev on NATO’s anti-missile systems, Minister Comanescu pointed to an older statement by the Chairman of the State Duma.

“You referred to the fact that yesterday too someone said something. But, I would say something that seems to have passed a little unnoticed. You remember that not long ago the Chairman of the Duma was here. (…) I, for one, noted something that seems to me very interesting. Asked about Deveselu, he answered: “it is a decision of Romanian authorities that we respect.” This was not remembered. It seems to me that the third-ranked person in the Russian Federation making this kind of statement is something cannot be ignored,” the minister said.

Comanescu stressed that the Deveselu anti-missile defence system represents a new confirmation of the special nature of the Romanian-US strategic partnership.

“It is, on the other hand, a confirmation of Romania’s determination to contribute to the consolidation and – this way – to the security and stability in the area. Let’s not forget that this facility will become an integral part of NATO’s anti-missile system,” Comanescu stated.

Asked whether currently Romania is in danger of war, he rejected this possibility.” We cannot talk, in my opinion, about this type of danger. This does not mean that we should not be concerned – and we are doing this – undertaking any actions and taking any measures to contribute to stability and security in our area,” Minister Comanescu stated.

Colonel – General Sergei Karakayev stated on Wednesday in a press conference that Russian missiles are capable of disabling the United States’ so-called anti-missile shield in Europe.

“”Expert estimates show that, according to its ability to analyze data and fire power, the [US] anti-missile defense system being deployed today is not able to resist a massive salvo from a unit of [Russia’s] strategic missile forces,” Karakayev stated, quoted by Russian press agencies.

Speaking to Radio Romania Actualitati, the Romanian public radio service, at beginning December in Washington, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the US Secretary of State John Heffern said the Deveselu anti-missile defence system is scheduled to become active on December 18.

There is a need to substantially strengthening of the economic dimension of Romanian foreign policy

Foreign Affairs Minister Lazar Comanescu stated on Thursday, in an interview for DC News, that he wants a substantial consolidation of the economic dimension of Romania’s foreign policy.

“There is a need – and I have already initiated a process to this end – to substantially strengthen the economic dimension of Romanian foreign policy. It is an absolutely crucial matter. (…) I am glad I am benefitting from the support of the president as well as from that of the prime minister in this respect. In fact I am currently engaged in a dialogue with Vice Premier Costin Borc (editor’s note: Minister of Economy, Commerce and Relations with the Business Environment), we are working to build a framework, both institutional, at a domestic level, as well as in regards to Romania’s external economic representation, that can turn this economic direction – or economic diplomacy – into one of the priority directions of action of our country,” the minister said.

In this context, the minister stated that Romania must draw inspiration from the experience of other countries, such as Germany and Austria, who recorded very good results in this area.

“There are countries where the embassies’ economic sections have advisors on specific sectors,” the minister explained.

On the occasion, Comanescu also stressed the fact that the strengthening of the economic dimension would not be directed only at the European space, but would also target a “substantial renewal” of economic relations with states outside the EU, including China.

The minister also said it was important for Romania to have a more significant contribution to the decision-making process within the EU, but also a better representation of the country in European institutions.

“EU should prove Moldovan citizens getting closer to Union is to their advantage”

The Foreign Affairs Minister, Lazar Comanescu on Thursday said that the European Union should make clear to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova that getting increasingly closer to the Union is to their advantage.

“A consolidation is needed – if you want – of the capacity and way in which the EU could show the public opinion of the Republic of Moldova, the citizens of Moldova that to them, getting increasingly closer to the Union is to their advantage. I mean that a plus of effort is needed from this point of view on the EU’s behalf,” minister Comanescu told the DC News website.

According to Comanescu, it is utmost that the Moldovan politicians themselves act faster to shape up a Government capable to guarantee this European way.

“The further guarantee of a pro-European path of the Republic of Moldova is in the interest of the citizens of Moldova and beyond that – and I said it loudly, at the Foreign Affairs Ministers’ reunion included, on Monday, in Brussels, and this idea is – shared, the preservation of the pro-European way of the Republic of Moldova is in the EU interest. It is very important that the Moldovan politicians themselves understand this and act faster to fathering a Government capable to guarantee this path,” Lazar Comanescu pointed out.

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