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May 17, 2021

Premier Dacian Ciolos on special pensions: “Parliament has to answer before voters”

Premier Dacian Ciolos stated on Wednesday that the special pensions for lawmakers are not a way of solving the issue of pensioners’ incomes, but that Parliament will answer before voters. The official thus offered his opinion on the fact that the regular Romanians’ pensions will grow by just 5 per cent next year, while lawmakers have voted special pensions for themselves.
“From my point of view, special pensions are not a way of solving the issue of pensioners’ incomes. Beyond that, Parliament is sovereign, it is the Parliament voted by Romanians and I don’t believe Parliament should be held accountable before the Government, it should answer before voters first of all,” Dacian Ciolos stated in Parliament.

The Lower Chamber and Senate have adopted the President’s request to re-examine the draft law concerning the lawmakers’ pensions.

The draft law, which is a modification to the Statute of Lawmakers, stipulates that lawmakers that meet the standard retirement age conditions have the right to collect, at the end of their term, the full benefit age indemnity if they are not elected for a new term.

On the same occasion, Dacian Ciolos stated that the Government will make sure the draft law banning indoor smoking in public spaces will be implemented immediately after its promulgation.
The draft law that bans indoor smoking in public spaces, work spaces, children’s playgrounds, health institutions, educational institutions as well as in child protection and childcare institutions was adopted by the Lower Chamber on Tuesday.

“I fully endorse it. Of course, I haven’t had the chance to be directly involved, as Prime Minister, but I was involved as citizen. Both the Government and I, together, will try to make sure this law will be implemented as soon as the President promulgates it,” Dacian Ciolos stated at the Palace of Parliament.
He claimed that the Lower Chamber adopting this law “is a very good thing.” “We were one of the last countries in the EU that did not apply this law, a law that means, first of all, respect for citizens without affecting the personal choice of other citizens. When we talk about public spaces we have to think about the public interest first and foremost. I am glad it was adopted,” Ciolos said.

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