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June 25, 2022

Valeriu Zgonea: I would want PSD to have a female candidate for Bucharest City Hall

Valeriu Zgonea, PSD’s number-two man, stated on Thursday that he would want his party to nominate a female candidate for the Bucharest City Hall in the 2016 elections because women bring “tranquillity and balance.”
“I would want us to have a female candidate for the Bucharest City Hall; it would be a signal and I believe it would give a positive signal not only in Romania but in Europe too,” Zgonea stated.
“They [women politicians] are more loyal and more serious, much more practical when they select their leadership teams, their language is more appropriate, the others’ tone is more restrained and the talks are more productive. A woman always brings tranquillity and balance in a decision-making area, we have to admit this,” he added.

According to Zgonea, PSD is preparing a draft law that would ensure gender equality within the local public administration.
“Today I talked with Ms. Gorghiu about this concept; we too should have the European model. Today around 3 per cent of the leadership positions within the Romanian state are held by women; it’s embarrassing compared to the European average of 20 per cent, and we want to give a signal for the local administration and if we are unable then at least for the parliamentary elections. I stated within the party that we should promote a text in February,” PSD’s Executive President pointed out.

Former journalist Gabriela Firea has most chances to be nominated PSD’s candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, enjoying notoriety from the time she was a TV journalist.

PSD Vice President and Senator Gabriela Firea also enjoys backing within the party. Her party boss Liviu Dragnea recently stated that she would be a suitable candidate for the Bucharest City Hall.

“She isn’t one yet, but Gabi Firea can be a very good option,” Dragnea stated on Romania TV.

Unofficially, Firea allegedly tops preliminary polls conducted by Social Democrats within the party.

The second potential candidate is Senator Ecaterina Andronescu, former Education Minister. She recently finished third in a survey conducted among Bucharesters, behind Calin Popescu Tariceanu and Sorin Oprescu.

PNL, Romania’s second-largest party, has intensely promoted Cristian Busoi for the Bucharest City Hall, the politician however is not well known in Bucharest.

Final PSD Standing Bureau meeting this year

The Social-Democrats convened their final Standing Bureau this year. Subsequently, PSD President Liviu Dragnea invited several county branch leaders to an informal meeting. The PSD President also invited them to take part in a hunting party, party sources told ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ daily. It seems that at their informal meeting the Social Democrats focused mainly on the strategy for next year’s parliamentary elections.

It seems the PSD President has also prepared a hunting party for his colleagues, party sources told stiripesurse.ro. Starting on Thursday evening, the Social Democrats will tackle the issue of PSD’s candidates in hotly contested counties, the party’s situation in Bucharest as well as the alliance policy for the local elections, party sources have said. The elections are a burning topic because the previous meeting held by PSD leaders failed to address it, given the debates on the party’s integrity criteria, the aforementioned sources added.

A similar meeting was convened early this year, also in Turnu Magurele, after former Premier Victor Ponta lost the presidential elections.

Turnu Magurele is the city in which Dragnea started his political career, the current Social Democrat leader being a member of the PSD branch in that city.

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