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April 16, 2021

Iohannis on National Minorities Day: A good occasion to underscore also political class’ responsibility

Respect for diversity and dialogue between cultures is a precious social capital, President Klaus Iohannis says in a message sent on Friday to celebrate the National Minorities Day.

“In a world which does not lack the threats of xenophobia, chauvinism and anti-Semitism, respect for diversity and dialogue between cultures is a precious social capital. The history of the relationship between the majority and minorities constitutes a valuable resource for the construction of public policies. The National Minorities Day in Romania is a good opportunity to underscore also the political class’ responsibility, as a whole, to continue and finalize this construction,” said the President.

He considers it a good time to reaffirm the adherence to the principles contained in the UN Declaration of 1992 on the rights of national, ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities.

“During this first year of my term, I have sent messages to different communities on the days they celebrated their traditions and historical identity. I thus wanted to highlight, symbolically, my appreciation for their cultural richness and to express my support for promoting the aspects related to the specific features of each national minority. This ethnic, religious and linguistic diversity is part of the distinguishing note of the Romanian culture and is an important legacy for future generations. For centuries, the citizens belonging to the Romanian majority and those of ethnic minorities have lived together, creating material and spiritual values based on dialogue. The social and political foundation of the Romanian state was consolidated on these bases. Not coincidentally, Romania was, in 1995, the first state to ratify the Framework Convention of the Council of Europe for the protection national minorities,” President Iohannis says in the message.

President Iohannis congratulates all those who see in this celebration “an occasion to renew solidarity and social cohesion around deep human values, revealed in their full diversity.”

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