Mayors’ special pensions could be adopted just before Christmas. Liberals against, PSD in favour

Special pensions for local officials could receive a final vote on Monday, against the backdrop in which the Senate, the decisive Chamber in this case, will convene on the first day of next week.

The order of the day has not been established yet.

However, political sources state that since it received the special commissions’ green light, the draft that offers extra incomes to retired local officials will enter the plenary meeting’s debate.

The decision was criticized by PNL Co-President Vasile Blaga (photo), who reconfirmed that PNL will vote against it.

“PNL will vote just as it voted on the law concerning special pensions for lawmakers: against. No Liberal will vote in favour of this law in the Senate. We will be present in the Senate and will vote against it,” Blaga stated on Realitatea TV.

On the other hand, Lower Chamber Speaker Valeriu Zgonea supports the draft law on special pensions for local officials. He stated that mayors with important responsibilities also need higher salaries in order to remain honest and responsible.

In his turn, PSD President Liviu Dragnea supports the draft law too. He stated that the mayors are part of the category of civil servants with important responsibilities and that is why they should also have “decent” incomes.

The level of the indemnity for the full retirement age is offered within the limit of three terms in office and is calculated as the number of months in office multiplied by 0.55 per cent of the gross monthly indemnity.

The indemnity is added to any type of public pension and is paid from the budget of the Regional Development and Public Administration Ministry, the draft law points out.

For incomplete terms in office, the indemnity is calculated proportionally with the time spent in office, which cannot drop below two years.

The mayor of a commune with a population of less than 3,000 would thus collect a special pension of RON 1,500 for a term in office and RON 3,500 for three terms in office.

The Bucharest Mayor would collect a special pension of RON 3,500 for a single term in office and RON 7,000 for two terms in office.

The sums offered to county council chairmen would be just as high. Thus, a county council chairman would collect a pension of RON 3,400 for a single term in office and over RON 10,000 for three terms in office.

The stipulation would also apply to those that held such offices before the law came into force.

This measure’s budget impact will be huge, former Finance Minister Gheorghe Ialomitianu stated for Realitatea TV.

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