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September 25, 2021

Mircea Ionescu Quintus: If I am given a special pension for my 10 years in the Parliament, I will turn it down

Honorary President of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Mircea Ionescu Quintus, declared on Wednesday evening that, in case he is granted a special pension after his ten years as a member of the Parliament, he would turn it down and if the pensions would be granted at request, he would never make a request “to be ashamed of”.

“I am telling you that if such pension would ever be attributed to me, I will refuse it firmly and if they would be granted at request, I will never make such request I would be ashamed of”, the honorary President of PNL declared in a phone intervention for Realitatea TV.

He mentioned that he was opposing special pensions for the members of the Parliament and that each MP could have contribute to the state budget during their term to make sure they benefited of a pension of MP.

“I am against these pensions that are a defiance to the poverty of an entire nation, as each of us could have contributed, not cash our daily allowances entirely without giving a thought to what would happen later”, Mircea Ionescu Quintus declared.

Moreover, the honorary President of PNL declared that, at the time being, he was benefiting of a Parliament member pension because he had demanded that his income as a member of the Parliament would be taxed accordingly throughout the ten years of his parliamentary terms.

“While I was the Justice Minister, a clerk in the Ministry enlightened me, although I was 75 years old, by telling me: “Mr. Minister, why don’t you demand your income in the Parliament to be taxed?”.

I gave a serious thought to the idea, I had a small pension, as I have it now, RON 1,200, as a former lawyer and it would be great to have a pension that would provide my wife and me a decent living.

I asked in the pay office of the Parliament – at that time, I was with the Chamber of Deputies, then I moved to the Senate – to pay taxes on my income as a member of the Parliament”, the PNL senior declared.

Mircea Ionescu Quintus also revealed that, due to this idea, now he benefits of an MP pension of RON 1,300, for which he has contributed for ten years, besides his pension as a former lawyer.

Senators and Deputies adopted on Tuesday a draft law concerning special pensions for the members of the Parliament, based on the reexamining demanded by Klaus Iohannis, so that they would only benefit of the pension if they are not reelected and they have completed at least one full term as a member of the Parliament.
The law will soon be forwarded to President Klaus Iohannis, who is obliged to promulgate the project in ten days.

Thus, the members of the Parliament will receive a special pension, calculated depending on the number of terms they completed, but no more than three. In order to be eligible for the pension, they need to have had at least one full term as a member of the Parliament. A member of the Parliament who had one term would receive such pension of approximately RON 1,550, one who had two terms would be paid RON 3,100 and one who had at least three terms would earn an additional sum of RON 4,600.

Also on Tuesday, Senators of the specialized committees issued a favourable report to the law that stipulated granting special pensions to Mayors, Vice-Mayors, Presidents and Vice-Presidents of Local Pensions, benefiting both former and previous local officials.
This draft law, granting these officials similar benefits to the ones voted for MPs will most likely be introduced on the daily agenda of the Senate plenum on Monday, December 21.

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