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September 20, 2021

Traian Basescu denies his brother’s involvement in weapon trafficking: It is an outrageous lie!

Images showing the boxes of weapons being carried by the employees of Mircea Basescu’s company were published in a Taiwanese newspaper. The photographs clearly show containers that allegedly held antitank ammunition and that were even branded with the logo of Romarm.

A similar scandal similar had Mircea Basescu as a lead character in 2010, when he was also accused of weapon trafficking. More precisely, the brother of the ex-President was suspected of repackaging a quantity of old Taiwanese ammunition, meant for destruction in Bulgaria, and reselling it to Angola. Allegedly, there were over 8,000 tons of grenades, mines and other kinds of old ammunition due to be destroyed. The Defence Ministry of Taiwan announced at that time that they would start judiciary actions in case suspicions prove to be true.

Asked about the involvement of his brother, Mircea Basescu and his niece, Raluca, in the alleged weapon trafficking, Traian Basescu declared for Romania TV that it all was a lie.

“The subject was intensely discussed by the television owned by mafioso Voiculescu, and now it has spread to prime prison convict SRS. (…). It is an outrageous lie by Antena 3, as jailbird Voiculescu needs to keep maintaining an existence on lies. Neither my niece, nor my brother ever imported ammunition. Just as SRS claimed, a mafioso living off bribes, a person who conducted mafia-like actions in the media and in relations with his friends and banks, that my friend Bot was arrested in the USA for weapon imports”, Traian Basescu declared for Romania TV.
The former Head of the State mentioned that the only thing that connected his brother’s businesses to the transportation of ammunition meant for destruction was the fact that those containers were downloaded in Port Constanta, near the factory his brother was managing.

“We have heard this story before, in 2011-2012, when Voiculescu was desperate for being investigated. A Romanian company won a contract of destruction of expired ammunition. The transportation was completed through Port Constanta towards the factory Badeni and the packages were under the control of the Romanian state. The wares were downloaded in a berth in Port Constanta, near the factory my brother was managing. (…) This os the story. The containers were downloaded by a Romanian company that won the auction on destroying the ammunition. Such operation benefit of extended surveillance”, the ex-President also mentioned.

Traian Basescu further revealed that Dan Voiculescu is still pressuring him and his family. “Voiculescu is doing something else. With all his team of noise, he is putting an enormous pressure on me and my family, with only one purpose: so that he would be believed that all things going wrong were determined by me”, the former Head of the State added.

Mircea Basescu: Do you really imagine that anyone can wander around Constanta carrying weapons without the Police and SRI knowing?

In the TV show “Synthesis of the Day”, aired on Antena 3 on Wednesday evening, Mihai Gadea revealed Mircea Basescu’s reactions after the disclosures of the Tuesday evening show concerning the boxes of weapons allegedly carried by the employees of Traian Basescu’s brother’s company through Port Constanta.

When asked to comment on the disclosures presented by Mihai Gadea, Mircea Basescu replied: “I saw it. What the hell am I supposed to do? You will get hepatitis, lady, all of you working there. Do you really imagine that anyone can wander around Constanta carrying weapons without the Police and SRI knowing? If dogs do not bite you, do you think they no longer exist in this country. Do you think there are no guardians in this country?”

Asked whether the boxes are at his company, Mircea Basescu replied: “Well, search for them, lady. Why are you paid by those people? Do not ask me. As I saw it, you find out about prostitutes, and many other things. You even said Ice Age was my company and so on”.
Asked whether the company did not belong to his family, he answered: “No, cutie” and suggested the reporter to go check at the Commerce Registry instead of asking him whom the company belonged to. According to Antena 3, the company was registered on his daughter’s name.

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