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October 25, 2020

Liberal party does not support special pensions for local elected officials

The National Liberal Party (PNL) does not support the special pensions for the local elected officials, the liberals’ co-chair, Alina Gorghiu told a press conference on Sunday, at the party’s Hqs.

“Our stance as regards the special pensions, regardless of who they are, the MPs or the local elected officials, is very clear: We don’t support them, we don’t support these pensions!” Gorgiu said, given that on Monday the Senate’s agenda includes a draft law regarding the pensions of the local elected officials.

Furthermore, the PNL co-leader said that an increase of the wages in the public administration is mandatory, after an evaluation on performance criteria.

“The government has promised it will do this. A technocratic government could do this and I’m looking forward to seeing this evaluation and to seeing the Pay Law in the budgetary sector in public debate (…) because we need to talk unitarily, to talk coherently about everything that means administration, budgetary field and payment in this field,” Gorghiu concluded.

Liberals ask for a cut on labour taxes, in parallel to minimum wage’s rise

The liberals asked the government to adjust the minimum wage’s rise with a cut on labour’s taxes, Gorghiu announced on Sunday.

“Our informal talks with the members of the government are heading to this direction (…). We have asked the government to think in parallel with rising this minimum wage on economy to the possibility of slashing the taxes on labour. (…) This was our requirement when negotiating the Tax Code. (…) Now we are waiting to see if the government welcomes this proposition,” said the Liberal co-chair.

She added that she hoped the minimum salary’s rise to take place in 2016, saying that it is the government’s decision should it is enforced with January or in the summer of 2016.

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