Balea Ice Hotel fully booked for holidays

The famous Balea Lake Ice Hotel has run up against unusually high temperatures for this time of year, temperatures that went as high as 11 degrees Celsius. Construction workers are registering a slight delay, however all rooms have been booked for Christmas and New Year’s, informs.

From dawn to dusk, workers are carving out blocks of ice directly from the Balea glacier lake. The huge chunks of ice are then transported and placed on top of each other.
Workers are using regular construction tools. So far, 5,000 ice bricks have been used.

This year the Ice Hotel will have two extra rooms compared to last year. Construction works however are registering a delay of several days.
“This year we had some problems with the weather, because it wasn’t cold enough for the hotel. There were even one or two degrees during the day. The walls are not freezing, the roof is not freezing,” constructions chief Varga Attila said.

This year, the hotel’s theme is Europe. Each of the 14 rooms will bear the name of an EU member country. The first room sculptors started working on was the one called Romania. Badea Cartan and Constantin Brancusi were sculpted out of ice there.

The Balea Lake Ice Hotel has been included this year among the most beautiful ice constructions in Europe. Sophia is a tourism agent from Germany and wants to include the Romanian hotel in her offer for German tourists.

“It’s wonderful here, it’s a beautiful area and I believe all those coming here will enjoy it,” tourism agent Sophia Rast stated.

In fact, foreign tourists have rented the rooms for this year’s holidays too. “We have bookings for Christmas and New Year’s too, from tourists from United Kingdom and Germany,” PR Manager Lidia Badila stated.

A night in the Ice Hotel costs RON 440 (EUR 100) for a double room.

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