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June 28, 2022

After lawmakers, local officials to receive special pensions too

After the Lower Chamber tacitly adopted the draft law a month ago, Senators adopted on Monday the law that stipulates special indemnities for mayors, deputy mayors, county council chairmen and deputy chairmen.

The law was adopted with 88 votes in favour and one abstention, and includes amendments. Eighty-four votes were required for the law to be adopted.

The Senate is the decisive Chamber.

The Government’s representative pointed out that the Government does not have a position on this law.

The Senate debate came less than a week after Parliament adopted the draft law on special pensions for lawmakers.

Here is what the local officials’ pensions will be, according to Realitatea TV: the mayor of a commune will have a pension of over RON 500; the mayor of a county seat over RON 1,000; a county council chairman approximately RON 1,300.

For incomplete tenures, the retirement age benefit is proportional to the period spent in office, which cannot drop below 2 years in the case of mayors, deputy mayors, county council chairmen and deputy chairmen.

Mayors, deputy mayors, county council chairmen and deputy chairmen that ended their tenures prior to the coming into force of this law will also benefit from its provisions.

Local officials that were sentenced for corruption will not benefit from the law’s provisions if the crime was committed while they were in office.

The draft law was filed by 29 MPs from PSD, UDMR, PNL, UNPR and national minorities, Mediafax informs.

PSD leaders announced that they would vote in favour of the law, while the Liberals stated they would vote against it.

“We do not back these pensions. However, we said that PNL believes administration salaries should be adjusted, but on the basis of certain evaluation criteria. I eagerly wait to see the public sector salary law put up for public debate. We have to discuss openly, coherently,” PNL Co-President Alina Gorghiu stated on Sunday.

However, the Social Democrats announced that they would vote in favour of the law that will offer special pensions to local officials. PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated on Thursday that he discussed the law with party leaders and the conclusion was that the Social Democrats would vote in favour of this draft law because mayors have low salaries but lots of responsibilities.

“I told my colleagues to nevertheless consider that mayors do not have high salaries. Mayors have a lot of constraints and few rights. They are considered civil servants but do not have the rights that civil servants have,” Dragnea said, adding that the mayors and the rest of local officials have significant responsibilities but do not have the right to receive bonuses like other civil servants have.

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