New corruption case involving suspended Mayor Andrei Chiliman

Andrei Chiliman is criminally prosecuted in a new case handled by National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors.
Chiliman, Bucharest’s District 1 Mayor at the time the crime was allegedly committed, is accused of malfeasance in office that resulted in obtaining undue benefits for himself or for another person and of being an accessory to destruction, according to a communiqué quoted by Mediafax.

“Suspect Chiliman Andrei Ioan, while exercising his public office as Mayor of Bucharest’s District 1, and by violating his legal prerogatives, helped out (from April 3 to December 19, 2008) a person interested in destroying, through the use of heavy machinery, historical monument buildings that were additions to the Stirbei Palace located in downtown Bucharest (Victoriei Boulevard).

The constructions destroyed include the Stirbei Palace cellar and the northern wing, classified as historical monuments, as well as all the vestiges located underground, whose removal was not made based on archaeological permits. The demolition put at risk Stirbei Palace (historical monument) and the underground vestiges which were thus destroyed in their turn too,” the prosecutor’s ordinance reads.

Thus, Chiliman signed documents that authorized the destruction even though he knew that the District 1 Mayoralty had no prerogatives and that the documents broke the law, prosecutors claim.

The aforementioned communiqué points out that other persons are investigated in this case too.

Chiliman showed up at DNA Bucharest on Tuesday morning, accompanied by his lawyer. He refused making any comments.

The suspended District 1 Mayor spent less than half an hour at the DNA, time in which prosecutors presented the charges brought against him.

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