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May 15, 2021

Archbishop Ioan Robu: For the Church, Christmas is not a simple remembrance of a historic event that took place once and for all

For the Church, Christmas is not a simple remembrance of a historic event that took place once and for all, but it is a fact always current; because on Christmas Jesus wants to be in a real, mystical manner, in our hearts, bringing us the gifts of His presence, says Metropolitan Archbishop of Bucharest Ioan Robu in his pastoral letter addressed on the occasion of the Lord’s Birth.

“Christmas wants to make us increasingly more aware of the Mystery of the Incarnation and of Jesus Christ’s identity. Who is Jesus Christ? Who is this child born in Bethlehem two thousand years ago? St. John, in his Gospel, specifically in its Prologue, answers us: Jesus is the One who from eternity has been living with the Father and through whom all that exists was created. He is the Word, the Discovery and the Wisdom of the Father; he is Life, is the true Light, that shedding light on every man come into this world; He is the eternal Son of the Father; in a certain moment of history he took a human body and came to dwell amongst us to make us become children of God,” says the archbishop.

“Faith is an act full of humility. It is the recognition of Jesus as the Path, the Truth and the Life and, therefore, the recognition of the fact that we absolutely need Him. (…) Faith in Jesus also means ‘love of cross’. As we know, Jesus does not ask easy things from us. To always defeat temptations, to go against the current, to be honest, to live the love of thy neighbour etc. are all things not at all easy,” Archbishop Robu mentions.

In the opinion of the high Roman-Catholic church official, these “fundamental aspects of Christian faith and life” are suggested by the Feast of God’s Birth” as being of utmost importance and topicality” being “certainly that the mystery of Christmas spreads light in our mind and soul by the virtue of faith.”

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