Patriarch Daniel in Christmas Pastoral: Gift of spiritual peace is cultivated through good deeds

The gift of spiritual peace, of reconciliation with God, with oneself and with their peers, is asked through prayer and is cultivated through good thoughts, words and deeds, so that the soul’s spiritual peace becomes a spring of social peace, of peace within the family, the community and the world, the Romanian Orthodox Church’s Patriarch Daniel says in his Christmas Pastoral 2015.

In his opinion, the selfish passions induce trouble in one’s soul, and this trouble is afterwards reflecting within the relationships amongst people.

He emphasizes that “in front of this spiritual and moral crisis, the steadfast and fighting Christians do not give up, but respond through a more intense spiritual, moral life,” and the Church, alongside the family, the school and other authorised bodies “should develop much more an education and a culture of the inner spiritual peace and of the social peace, a culture of the mutual respect and reconciliation, instead of currently present hatred, feud and violence.”

“Today, when the verbal and physical violence grows in the family, in school, in society and the military conflicts and terrorism are multiplying in many parts of the world, when many people, because they have not anymore peace and joy in their souls, are seeking for happiness in alcohol or in drug’s consumption, and others to get rid of depression and despair kill themselves, the educational, pastoral and social-charitable activity of the Church should get intensified,” says the Patriarch.

He believes that “this perspective of a culture of the spiritual and social peace should be studied and promoted especially starting with 2016, which is declared by the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church, the “Anniversary Year of the Orthodox Christian religious education of youth.”

Patriarch Daniel also urges that, in particular on these very days, the gift of peace and joy of the Birth of Lord Jesus to be shared to the poor and ill through spiritual and material presents.

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