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November 12, 2019

Government notifies Constitutional Court regarding special pensions for local elected officials

The Government has formulated, on Saturday, in a notification addressed to the Constitutional Court of Romania, objections regarding some aspects of the Law referring to special pensions for mayors, deputy mayors, chairmen and deputy chairmen of County Councils (Law to amend and complete Law no. 393/2004 regarding status of local elected officials).

According to a release of the Government press bureau remitted on Sunday to Agerpres, the notification has in view several breaches of articles of the Constitution through the institution of a special regime of privileges for certain local elected officials, the retroactive granting of special rights and the lack of ensuring adequate financing for the newly created indemnities.

“In the adopted form, there are at least 16,300 potential beneficiaries of the law. The budgetary effort in 2016 would reach 469 million lei. Following taxes being applied to these sums, the budgetary deficit is of 395 million lei, over the deficit agreed by Parliament, a risk for the stability of the fiscal-budgetary framework existing. Furthermore, given that the law is retroactive, the number of beneficiaries may be far higher, and the impact on the state budget likewise,” the quoted source further informs.

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