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May 26, 2020

Romanian Police: Quietest and safest Christmas in past five years

Over 11,600 additional policemen were deployed during the Christmas period, all throughout the country in places where religious manifestations took place, in places with high pedestrian traffic as well as on the main national roads and highways.

According to a release of the Romanian General Police Inspectorate (IGPR) remitted on Sunday to Agerpres, over 4,000 public order patrols were conducted daily, while traffic police deployed nearly 800 specialized vehicles, over half of them fitted with speed radars.

“The active presence of policemen has made this period not record any notable events, the number of violent crimes being lower than the average of the past years, proving that measures to increase citizen safety adopted by the Romanian Police have achieved their purpose,” the quoted source says, mentioning that “this year has seen the quietest and safest Christmas of the past five years.”

In the past 72 hours, policemen have detected over 200 persons suspected of committing crimes, 28 of them being detained and 21 placed under arrest, during the conducted operations 51 wanted persons being identified, of which 40 wanted nationally and 11 internationally.

For misdemeanors, policemen have issued approximately 30,000 fines worth a total of 7,789,000 lei and have seized goods worth 568,020 lei.

“Furthermore, in what regards the evolution of road accidents, a decrease over the past three years can be noted. For misdemeanors in traffic, policemen have issued 24,749 fines, 16,460 for speed offences, 560 for driving under the influence with a blood alcohol content lower than that necessary to constitute a felony”, the release mentions.

Furthermore, policemen have withdrawn 1,021 car registrations and have withheld 3,386 drivers’ licenses with the purpose of suspending the right to drive vehicles on public roads, 738 of which for driving under the influence and 641 for excessive speed, with the rest being for other various offences.

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