Intra-Community trade deficit of Romania increases by 14.9pct, January through September

The intra-community trade deficit of Romania grew by 14.9pct in the first nine months of 2015, as compared to the same period of 2014, up to rd 5.6 billion euro, according to data released by the Economy, Trade and Relations with Business Milieu Ministry (MECRMA).

“Romania’s total intra-community trade grew by 9.1pct, to 65.667 billion euro, of which export knew a 8.5pct growth, counting for 30.034 billion euro, and import a 9.5pct increase, amounting to 35.632 billion euro. The negative balance of trade of Romania in relationship with its partners of the European Union grew by 14.9pct in January to September 2015 as against the same period of 2014, from -4.871 billion euro, to -5.598 billion euro,” the ministry says.

“The intra-community trade reached 21,690.3 million euro, by 2.3pct less in the mentioned period as compared to the similar period of 2014, of which export was 10,879.7 million euro (-4.5pct), and import 10,810.6 million euro (-0.1pct). For the same two analyzed periods, the surplus of the trade balance of Romania – non-EU countries has decreased from 568.2 million euro, to 69.1 million euro (-87.8pct). On grounds of an increase of the trade volume on the intra-community relation against the drop of it on the extra-community relationship, the weight of the total trade exchanges with the EU countries in the Romanian international trade grew from 73.1pct in the first nine months of 2014, to 75.2pct in the same period of 2015,” the data say.

In the above-mentioned period of 2015, the first ten destination countries for Romania’s exports were: Germany (19.9pct of total export weight), Italy (12.4pct), France (6.7pct), Hungary (5.4pct), Great Britain (4.3pct), Turkey (4.1pct), Bulgaria (3.4pct), Spain (2.8pct), Poland (2.7pct) and Austria (2.5pct), the cumulated weight of these countries reaching 64.1pct in total export.

As for the import, the first ten partner countries of Romania (countries of origin for extra-community imports and of expedition for intra-community imports) hold a 68.1pct weight of total import carried in the first nine months of 2015: Germany (19.7pct), Italy (10.9pct), Hungary (8.0pct), France (5.7pct), Poland (4.8pct), China (4.5pct), the Netherlands (3.9pct), Austria (3.8pct), Turkey (3.6pct) and the Russian Federation (3.5pct)

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