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August 12, 2022

Union of redundant defence staff stages protests against Gov’t

Around 300 members of the Union of the Defence Staff Made Redundant have staged protests against the Government outside its headquarters of Victoria Palace on Monday.

“The main claims relate the wages for the employed staff, no matter if civil or military and as regards the pensions, both for the civil retirees and the defence retirees, namely that in our viewpoint this Government is no longer legitimate, it got legitimacy from the Parliament by vote, on condition it did not cancel the laws and the measures taken by the previous Government. Nevertheless, up until now it has cancelled pretty all measures taken after three years’ waiting by the prior Government”, union leader Mircea Dogaru (photo) said.

He warned that if the Government fails to resolve the situation by January 24, a larger protest will be staged in the beginning of next year.

“We want the wage law to get to Parliament from February 1, we want it to not be delayed for ever; according to the law, the pay should go up from 70 percent at the basis, namely for the young people, for those who have no means if they want to start a family, up to 20 percent at the top, therefore a reverse situation. We also want the minimum wage to be guaranteed starting January 1, and the 13th pension to be paid to the civil retirees who have nothing to live on, and we also want the daily basket to be taken into calculation when calculating the civil pensions”, Dogaru explained.

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