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June 27, 2022

Former PM Ponta: An increase of minimum wage from January 1 is great, from May 1 is stupid

Former Prime Minister Victor Ponta says that it is very good for the minimum wage to be raised to 1,200 lei from January 1st, 2016 because this measure has no negative impact and harms not the economic environment.

In his opinion, an increase of the minimum salary with May 1st, 2016 is “stupid.”

“Since all of those who should talk, unfortunately are silent (out of indifference, fear or simply because they are on holiday in tropical countries!) I can say it simply and clearly: it is very good for the minimum wage to be raised 1 to 1,200 lei from January 1!” wrote Ponta on his Facebook page.

“Salaries of the public servants above 1,050 lei have already grown and anyway when the budgetary surplus is worth billions, it is immoral to say you won’t increase the minimum wage by 150 lei!” said Ponta.

According to the former PM, a raise in the minimum wage helps the social insurance budget by additional, stable cash and doesn’t harm the economic environment.

” Nobody does really hire anymore with less than 1,200 lei gross salary, except for the seasonally hired – so, 1st of May is stupid anyway,” Ponta completed.

An increase of the minimum wage fights the ‘grey’ labour – the contract minimum wage and the ‘black’ difference – and the unfair competition against the fair and the ones who pay all taxes, doesn’t harm the competitiveness of the workforce as compared to the rest of the EU member countries, because it still stays the smallest minimum wage at European level, it stimulates the fiscalised ‘white’ labour and the consumption – the people with the minimum salary do spend it on immediate needs, they do not put it to the banks and do not buy themselves luxury cars and yachts, the former Premier explained.

“When one has no idea about economics and real life, one says ‘a study will be done!’ Or better one listens to the ones who know!” Ponta concluded.

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