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May 11, 2021

Government advances minimum salary at 1,200 lei from May 2016, unions ask 1,275 lei

The Government on Monday night came with a proposition of raising the minimum salary to 1,200 lei/month starting with May 1, 2016, while the trade unions have asked ‘a correction’ to 1,275 lei, in order to cover losses in the first four months, said the CNS Cartel Alfa chairman, Bogdan Hossu, at the end of a meeting of the Three-party National Council, at the Labour Ministry.

“The Government came with a proposition that the minimum salary be 1,200 lei from May 1, 2016. A proposition justified by the fact that a feasibility study is needed to analyse the impact in various counties or activity sectors, capable to assimilate the 150-lei growth of the minimum salary. From this point of view, the unions said they won’t agree because there is no justification since the decision is made now, meaning today, tomorrow and basically once the decision is made, the study has no effect upon the matter of the minimum wage, it could only have upon the legislative measures to helping some activity sectors, upon the fiscal policy regarding the jobs, upon the instruments linked to the European programmes to support the regions or the sectors in difficulty,” said Bogdan Hossu.

After a talks break, the Government’s representatives returned with the same proposition, to raise the minimum salary as of May 1 to 1,200 lei.

“We have advanced, again, at least a correction to the loss the employees will encounter because, from 1,050 lei to 1,200 lei, in four months, they lose some money, and that those money to be redistributed on the next months. Meaning, should with May 1 the minimum wage will be 1,275 lei, that will be the difference in the total salary fund the long of the year for the employees in this situation. We are waiting for the Government to make a decision tomorrow morning (that is Tuesday – editor’s note), then to forward to the Social and Economic Council a Gov’t Decision, according to the law, and on Wednesday, in the Government sitting, the minimum salary to be established for good,” said Bogdan Hossu.

He added that, in case the minimum salary will see no raise as of January 1, 2016 the unions will organize trade union actions as of January 15.

Bogdan Hossu said he is disappointed that not all of the unions participated in the talks at the Labour Ministry and also that the current Government, that is in charge for about two months, did not abrogate the law on raising the dignitaries’ salaries.

According to data released by the Labour Inspection, rd 129,950 employees are paid 1,200 lei and 1,372,171 employees are paid 1,050 lei.

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