Regulated price up 5.51 pct for hydropower, 2.57 pct for nuclear power as of Jan. 1

The National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) decided on a 5.51 percent rise of the price of electricity produced by Hidroelectrica and supplied to the regulated tariff basket, and on a 2.57 percent rise of the price of electricity produced by Nuclearelectrica beginning January 1, 2016 informs a release of the authority.

The decision was reached at the sitting of ANRE’s Regulatory Committee on the last day of 2015.

Thus, the price of hydropower supplied under regulated contracts will be 120.55 lei per MWh, and that of nuclear power will be 162.51 lei per MWh. Hidroelectrica, followed by Nuclearelectrica are Romania’s cheapest electricity producers.

The Regulatory Committee also decided that 2,697,703 MWh produced by Hidroelectrica and 1,454,562 MWh from Nuclearelectrica shall be incorporated in the regulated energy basket.

ANRE representatives said the decisions were reached following the analysis of data and information in the documents referred by producers that run heat and power plants, the continuous decrease of the electricity consumption billed for regulated fees following the deregulation process carried out according to the Memorandum of Understanding with the European Commission, the need to appease the effects of enhanced deregulation at end household consumers and to avoid financial loss with heat and power producers as a result of the requirement that they should sell electricity under regulated contracts.

At the same sitting the Regulatory Committee decided to have electricity household bills reduced by 3.5 percent, ANRE head Niculae Havrilet announced in a press conference.

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