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November 27, 2022

Basescu: I do not give Busoi a shot at being Bucharest’s mayor, Nicusor Dan could win

President of the People’s Movement Party, former Bucharest mayor and former Romanian President Traian Basescu believes that the Liberal mayoral candidate for Bucharest Cristian Busoi is unlikely to win, while Nicusor Dan, one of his potential rivals, could win the elections, should he benefit from the support of a “substantial political power.”

“In what regards Busoi, I do not give him a shot, regardless of how many political or non-political efforts are made to ensure that Busoi wins the elections. In what regards Nicusor Dan, if he benefits from the support of a political force, a consistent one, he might be able to win, but it is still early,” Basescu told broadcaster B1 TV on Sunday.

Basescu reminded that the National liberal Party already gave the capital a mayor.

“The Liberals now have a mayor [e.n. – mayor ad-interim Razvan Sava]. I do not know why Iohannis didn’t take the standing Bucharest Liberal mayor with him to show him around Bucharest, because I am convinced he does not know it, he hails from Sibiu, he is just like I was back in 1991, when I came from Constanta, I did not know Bucharest,” Traian Basescu added.

Postponing minimum wage increase, good respite managed by Ciolos Gov’t

Traian Basescu believes the decision to postpone the minimum wage increase until May is “a good respite” managed by the Ciolos government.

“I believe they did well in managing to postpone for May 1. They have four months, to see what happens with revenues and especially to see what happens in companies that are at minimum wage limit (…). There are many sectors (…) where one works at the limit of the minimum wage to achieve a minimum of profit in Romania. It is to be seen. I believe that here the Ciolos government managed a good respite. Until May 1 they have four more months to see what happens with revenues, to see what happens in the real economy, that the risk assessed would have been the risk to make redundant around 90,000 people, given that one doesn’t have investment from the state budget,” Basescu told broadcaster B1 TV.

Basescu expressed hope that in 2016 there won’t be any more such measures, because, in his opinion, the budget will not be able to withstand them.

On December 30 the Government adopted the draft decision to increase the minimum wage from 1,050 lei to 1,250 lei, starting May 1, 2016.

According to the Labour Ministry, a total of 1,131,686 employees will benefit from the minimum wage increase, 1,092,364 employed in the private sector and the remaining 39,322 in the private sector, respectively.

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