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September 27, 2021

“Colectiv” and the conspiracy theory

Two months after the fire in Bucharest club Colectiv, that determined the death of 63 young persons and caused injuries to approximately one hundred more, an increasing number of voices support a conspiracy theory. It was started shortly after the tragedy, it grew with the fall of the Government, demanded in the street by thousands of protesters all over the country that wanted to punish the guilty and to change laws for increased safety and, at the time being, it is maintained by the lack of expertise concerning the causes of the fire that occurred on October 30.

Ex-President Traian Basescu: “I am worried by something: the delay of the expertise”

Former President Traian Basescu declared on Sunday for B1 TV that this report is delayed by the fact that the experts in Petrosani have probably established the elements in this file that do not match the version presented so far of the event.

“If I am worried by anything, it is the delay in the expertise issued in Petrosani (regarding the Colectiv fire, editor’s note). Something is not clear about the delay in the presentation of the results of the expertise conceived at Petrosani. Something is wrong. Perhaps the results of the expertise do not lead to all conclusions promoted so far, not necessarily regarding the speed in the expansion of the fire, but also the substances that resulted in this fire. It is an opinion”, the former President declared.

He claimed that he was convinced “experts in Petrosani already know what is wrong, what fails to fit the previous versions.”

Experts of the National Institute of Research and Development for Mining Security and Anti-Explosive Protection (INSEMEX) made a legal experiment on December 16 in the file of the Colectiv fire, in a laboratory due to be equipped similarly to Colectiv, with the same type of foam placed on similar pillars and furniture, in order to establish precisely where the fire started and how it expanded. Legal sources declared for Mediafax that this experiment was the final stage of the expertise.

“We will finish the expertise report concerning the fire in Colectiv Club by the end of January or by the beginning of February; it did not even last that long. It must have scientific rigorousness. Among other works, we made a simulation of the fire, yet the results of the report cannot be made public, because we have an act of confidentiality with the General Prosecutors’ Office (the Prosecutors’ Office of the High Court of Cassation and Justice.) They ordered this work, and we will finally submit it to them”, George Gaman, manager of INSEMEX Petrosani declared according to Mediafax.

Once finished, the expertise will soon be forwarded to the High Court Prosecutors’ Office, that ordered the completion of the work.

Journalist Ion Cristoiu: Klaus Iohannis seems to complete steps included in a plan established before

The amplitude of social and political events in the aftermath of a tragedy that led to the fall of the Government and the replacing of Ministers and Prime Minister Victor Ponta, whose presence was anything but convenient to President Iohannis, with a Government of technocrats amplified the theory of conspiracy according to which the tragedy was planned especially to initiate this change.

One of the voices pleading for this theory is that of journalist Ion Cristoiu. He emphasized facts related to the President’s behaviour in the respective days, showing that “at no point did Klaus Iohannis seem surprised”.

The journalist reminded of the fact that, in the night of the tragedy, Iohannis posted an article that was longer than usual and that, on the next day, although the president had showed us that he was “strictly keeping his weekend”, he went to the premises of the Bucharest club to place a bouquet of flowers and to light a candle. There, he launched the slogan “Corruption that kills”, conceived especially to throw the responsibility of the tragedy on the shoulders of the Victor Ponta Government.

“The novelty did not surprise Iohannis, who already had a Prime Minister: Dacian Ciolos. He knew that parties would not propose a different Prime Minister and that PSD would vote for the new Head of the Executive. Also, Iohannis was aware that there will be no trend in the media against his private Government, Cristoiu also declared.

“Just like Ion Iliescu in December 1989, Klaus Iohannis seems to complete steps included in a plan establishedlong before the fire started, a plan initiated and applied by obscure forces. It seems that, at the moment the fire started, just like Ion Iliescu in December 1989, Klaus Iohannis of October 2015 has opened an envelope he was instructed to open at a certain point and started carefully completing everything he had do to according to the plan presented in the envelope”, the journalist shows.

The analyst also asks a question: “Did Klaus Iohannis know before the night of October 30, 2015 that there would be a fire starting in Colectiv?!”

Shocking statements by STS colonel

Stefan Enache, colonel of the Special Telecommunications Service (STS) and adviser at the General Secretariat of the Government, sued on December 29, under preventive arrest for committing the crime of influence peddling declares in the recordings presented by DNA in this file that the fire in Colectiv was arranged.

“They all knew it, man! The boss in the Ministry knew it. Oprea knew it. Some even texted one another: ‘don’t go in the club tonight’. I also had friends who were there. Specialized in explosives and mass destruction weapons. There were bombs produced by Americans. Mother and fathers. Americans have bombs they call mother, Israelis and Russians have a father and a dubious, bizarre combination. It was an explosion out of the gas there. They were fully fried. (…) That gas creates a temperature of 2,000 degrees. They sprayed it, it went up in the air and created a void of oxygene as it descended”, stenography notes show according to Romania TV.

Artist Florin Chilian also supports the conspiracy theory launched by the STS colonel in the Colectiv case. In a Facebook post, Chilian thinks that Romanian President Klaus Iohannis is beyond a well planned action that reached its purpose: the resignation and departure of Victor Ponta from Victoria Palace.

Chilian’s notes are based on the circumstances that it is not very clear that the case prosecutor, who has read the stenography notes of unbelievable discussions, has notified DIICOT on the statements of the STS officer supporting an extreme theory: the fact that the Colectiv fire was set.

“’People had to die so that we could change this Government’, wrote ‪#‎KlausIohannis on November 1, 2015. In Romanian, Iohannis’ words mean that, in order to change the ‪#‎Ponta Government, he, Iohannis, had to attempt a version of determining Ponta to resign, a version prepared a long time ago: to kill young people and children. To order the murder of innocent people”, Chilian wrote.

Commemoration and a New Year’s Eve without fireworks

On December 30, two months after the Colectiv tragedy, a few hundreds of Bucharesters gathered to the place where the fire had started, to commemorate the 63 people who had lost their lives.
In the aftermath of the Colectiv Club tragedy, Bucharesters had a New Year’s Eve without fireworks. Only one company asked for approval to organize a New Year’s firework show in Bucharest, and it was the only one that organized an open air show.

During previous years, the grand New Year’s parties in Bucharest, from those in Constitution Square to those held at Romexpo, were accompanied by spectacular fireworks.
By the end of last year, Alin Anastasescu, one of the owners of Colectiv Club, was released from preventive arrest and placed under house arrest after the Bucharest Court definitively decided to replace his preventive measure in the file he was accused of manslaughter.

Alin Anastasescu was the last owner of Colectiv Club held in preventive arrest; the other two managers – Paul Gancea and Costin Mincu – have been released since December 21 from the Arrest of the Bucharest Police Department and held in home arrest.

The three owners were kept under preventive arrest on November 3, in the file they are charged with manslaughter by the prosecutors’ office of the High Court of Cassation and Justice.

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