Snowfall, blizzard and one death caused by severe cold

The first days of 2016 have brought the first serious snowfalls this winter and very low temperatures compared to those registered at the end of December. On Monday, the National Weather Administration (ANM) issued a nationwide advisory for snowfall, mixed precipitations and silver thaw, effective until Tuesday at noon. According to the forecasters, snowfalls – yet in meagre amounts – will cover most of the country. Limited areas in the regions of Oltenia and Muntenia are expected to get 10 centimetres of snow.

Dobrogea and temporarily the southeast of Muntenia will see mixed precipitations that will develop into silver thaw.

ANM said that overall, small amounts of precipitation are also expected in the next days, but the mix of snow and freezing rain headed mainly to southern regions will generate silver thaw.

The lowest temperature this winter was registered on Sunday morning at the Bucin weather station in Harghita County (-21 degrees Celsius), Mediafax informs. According to meteorologists, -20 degrees Celsius were registered in the same county in Miercurea Ciuc, Toplita and Joseni.

At the Bucin weather station, the layer of snow measures 35 centimetres.

The lowest temperature ever registered in January was recorded in Miercurea Ciuc in 1985 (-38.4 degrees).

Low temperatures have taken their toll too. A man died on Monday morning at a farm close to Galati municipality. The victim was a security guard and was found unconscious by another employee.

Ambulance doctors found the man in hypothermic shock and were unable to save his life.

One passenger train has been canceled on Monday due to bad weather conditions and two trains will arrive at their destination with a 100-minute delay, Romania’s state-owned passenger trains operator CFR Calatori informs. The company’s representatives underscore that if faults in the electrical or heating systems occur due to the very low temperatures.

The severe cold will ease up in the following days. Temperatures will grow over the next two weeks and the highs will approach normal levels for this time of year, the ANM forecast issued on Monday shows. At the same time, precipitations will be registered in most regions until the end of the first week covered by the forecast.

In Banat, the weather will warm significantly, approaching normal levels for this time of year on January 6-8. On January 9-11, the weather will be warmer than usual.

In Crisana, the weather will warm from the first days of the forecast, the highs moving into positive territory starting on January 6.

In Transylvania, the weather will remain cold at the start of the period covered by the forecast, despite the fact that temperatures will rise from the first day.

In Maramures, the weather will remain cold in the first days, despite the fact that temperatures will gradually rise.

In Moldavia, the weather will remain cold in the first days of the forecast period, but temperatures will be on the rise.

In Dobrogea, the weather will become gradually warmer, particularly on January 6-13.

In Muntenia, temperatures will enter positive territory starting on January 6.

In Oltenia, the weather will continue to warm, so that the highs, as regional average, will become positive starting on January 6.

Weak precipitations, mostly snowfall, will be registered temporarily. Conditions for silver thaw will be registered over small areas.

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