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December 6, 2021

Bucharest City Hall Winter Command: Snow coating, yet no traffic jams

At the Winter Command meeting called on Tuesday morning, Bucharest interim general mayor Razvan Sava asked clearance operators to take action to remove the snow from the sidewalks and ensure access to hospitals, ambulance stations and other social facilities of public interest.

“Traffic in Bucharest was running on Tuesday morning under winter conditions, but no jams or other disruptions were registered. At 7:30 hrs, equipment of snow clearing companies started operating on secondary thoroughfares and removing the snow from the sidewalks. Action on the main boulevards will be resumed after 10:30 hrs, when traffic flow goes down,” reads a City Hall release.

The Bucharest interim mayor asked the Local Police to levy fines for failure to duly clear Bucharest streets and sidewalks.

“As soon as the snowfall ceases, you are required to move to all the 450 streets which represent top urgency. Where traffic is hindered or there is a snow build-up, whether on the carriageway or on sidewalks, issue fines,” said the interim general mayor Razvan Sava.

According to the Bucharest City Hall, bridges, sloping roads, passages are top priority, then action shall be taken along the routes of public transport means. Clearing roads near hospitals and other social facilities of public interest is yet another urgency. When the action around these facilities is completed, the operators will move to secondary thoroughfares.

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