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October 23, 2021

DNA set bails of RON 10 M in 2015

The value of the bails set by anticorruption prosecutors in less than ten cases in 2015 stood at almost RON 10 M. Lawmakers, businessmen and former mayors are among those who paid hefty bails so that investigators could make sure they will recover the damage in case of convictions. Some of them however engaged in thorough negotiations with the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA). They simply claimed that they did not have the sums requested, so prosecutors accepted to seize their assets – hotels, houses or vintage cars.

Half of the sum collected by anticorruption prosecutors from bails was paid by Elena Udrea.

“One thing is certain, I can tell you this right from the start: paying a bail of RON 5 M is out of the question,” Elena Udrea stated several weeks ago.
Eventually, she had to find a solution. Since her personal assets had already been seized in the other investigations that concern her, she managed to persuade the associates of the Boghis Bai hotel centre, where she owns half of the shares, to use the company’s plots of land and buildings as a guarantee.

“That building is appraised at exactly RON 5 M,” Elena Udrea assured.

In fact, in August the year before, back when she had no legal problems, Elena Udrea attended the inauguration of the hotel centre, an event widely covered by the former minister’s Facebook page.

The second largest bail registered in 2015 was the one paid by another person investigated in the same case. Radu Budreanu paid a RON 2 M bail after he admitted to having acted as an intermediary in the relation between Elena Udrea and Bogdan Buzaianu.

The top three ranks are rounded off by former Bucharest District 4 Mayor Cristian Popescu Piedone, investigated for malfeasance in office in the Colectiv nightclub fire case. Investigators set the bail at RON 1.5 M. Since his bank accounts had already been frozen, Cristian Popescu Piedone was forced to use his vintage cars as guarantee, cars he used to flaunt on every occasion during the years in which he led the District 4 Mayoralty.

Other bails were also paid by lawmaker Catalin Teodorescu (RON 1 M) and former National Roads and Highways Company Director Narcis Neaga (RON 300,000).

The bail set for the nephew of former president Traian Basescu was among the lowest bails set by the DNA last year. On trial for influence peddling, Dragos Basescu paid a bail of RON 10,000.

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