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May 24, 2022

Meteorologists warn: snowfalls would stop, but frost is yet to come!

The weather will continue to warm up, meteorologists announced on Tuesday, and therefore, temperatures will soon reach normal levels for this time of the year.

According to the National Administration of Meteorology, on Wednesday, January 6, during 4 AM – 10 PM, there will be temporary mixed precipitations that will favour the appearance of frost. Also, the area of these precipitations will expand gradually towards the South – West of the territory, overtaking most regions of Romania.

During the afternoon and in the first half of the night of Wednesday to Thursday (January 6 / 7), the frost will be present locally and temporarily, especially in the Northern regions of the country.

Moreover, starting in the night of January 6 / 7 (on Wednesday / Thursday), snowfalls will dominate, especially in the North-East and the mountain areas, and rains will fall in the South-East, leading to the accumulation of greater amounts of water.

Traffic blocked by snow

Snowfalls on Monday evening and on Tuesday affected traffic in several regions of the country.

The Bucharest – Pitesti highway was blocked in the direction leading to the capital, at kilometre no. 48, because of a traffic accident based on unfavourable weather after a van that tried to avoid hitting a car was blocked in the middle of the road.
Also on the belt line of Bucharest, traffic was conducted with great difficulty due to a road accident that involved two cars. The accident occurred at kilometre no. 65, nearby the city Chitila, IGPR reported.

Traffic in Bucharest was conducted with great difficulty on Tuesday because of snow, and traffic jams appeared at almost all junctions. The layer of snow on the road led to several car crashes. Public transportation means also had difficult circulation due to the snow covering the road, and passengers found it hard to reach them at bus stops mostly uncleared of snow in the first half of the day.

Bucharest City Hall Winter Command

At the Winter Command meeting called on Tuesday morning, Bucharest interim general mayor Razvan Sava asked clearance operators to take action to remove the snow from the sidewalks and ensure access to hospitals, ambulance stations and other social facilities of public interest.

“Traffic in Bucharest was running on Tuesday morning under winter conditions, but no jams or other disruptions were registered. At 7:30 hrs, equipment of snow clearing companies started operating on secondary thoroughfares and removing the snow from the sidewalks. Action on the main boulevards will be resumed after 10:30 hrs, when traffic flow goes down,” reads a City Hall release.
The Bucharest interim mayor asked the Local Police to levy fines for failure to duly clear Bucharest streets and sidewalks.
“As soon as the snowfall ceases, you are required to move to all the 450 streets which represent top urgency. Where traffic is hindered or there is a snow build-up, whether on the carriageway or on sidewalks, issue fines,” said the interim general mayor Razvan Sava.

According to the Bucharest City Hall, bridges, sloping roads, passages are top priority, then action shall be taken along the routes of public transport means. Clearing roads near hospitals and other social facilities of public interest is yet another urgency. When the action around these facilities is completed, the operators will move to secondary thoroughfares.

Bucharest City Hall shelters 600 homeless; tea, soup for those declining housing offer

The Bucharest City Hall, via the Bucharest Municipality’s General Social Assistance Directorate (DGASMB), will be providing again on Tuesday evening through mobile crews hot tea, soup and warm clothing to the homeless who decline accommodation in the social centres of the Municipality.

According to the City Hall, the action starts at 22:00 hrs in the neighborhood of the North Railway Station.

“With plunging temperatures, the City Hall – through its arm DGASMB – has beefed up actions to identify and shelter the homeless, providing them accommodation in the social centres of the Municipality. During the night, 28 persons found in the streets were taken by the Neighborhood Police crews to the City Hall’s social protection centers,” reads a release of the Bucharest City Hall.

A number of 600 homeless are currently housed in the two centres of the Municipality: 508 at the Theodor Pallady integrated Complex for Social Services, and another 92 at the Berceni centre.

Mobile crews handed out on Monday evening tea and soup to the homeless who refused being housed in the social centres.

The District 1 Mayoralty said in a Monday release that it was offering homeless two social service centres – one for adults, the other for children.

The District 3 authorities also informed having housed 62 homeless between December 24, 2015 – January 3, 2016, and that 18 vacancies had been available over the said period. The number of current vacant places is 15 out of 80. “District 3 has just one night shelter and the number of beneficiaries varies from one day to another,” said the cited source.

District 4 Mayoralty too took action to address the homeless issue.

A mobile team is tracking down the homeless and taking them to the shelters; at the District’s first aid spots organized in six containers, social workers offer hot tea to the population and specialist assistance to those harmed by the freezing temperatures, the District 4 Mayoralty announced on Monday.

In District 6 mobile crews are also taking permanent action to track down the homeless and take them to the General Directorate for Social Assistance and Child Protection (DGASPC) centres.

On Monday, January 4, there were 28 people housed at District 6 DGASPC centers. As many as 39 homeless have been offered shelter between December 24 – January 3, 2016, and the current number of vacancies is 28, said the cited source.

Risk of avalances in Fagaras and Bucegi Mts. upgraded to Level 2

The risk of avalanches was increased yesterday, from Level 1 to Level 2 in the Fagaras Mountains (the northern face) and the Bucegi Mountains, to over 1,800 meters altitude, according to Agerpres.

The Service forecasts a moderate Level 2 risk for Tuesday and Wednesday in the Bucegi and Fagaras mountains at above 1,800 meters.

“The newly-set snow is light, powder type, without adherence to the older, stabilized and frozen layer in the superior part, over which it can glide easily. In the areas where there are substantial deposits, there is a risk of setting off fresh snow avalanches, both spontaneously, as well as due to overload,” a snow report informs acording to the mentioned source.

At an altitude below 1,800 meters, in the Bucegi and Fagaras mountains, the risk of avalanches is set at Level 1, meaning low.
The layer of snow measured on Tuesday morning 1.02 meters at Omu Peak, 74 cm at Balea Lake, 35 cm in Sinaia, 12 cm in Fundata and 9 cm in Predeal.

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