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May 9, 2021

Plane goes off runway during landing manoeuvres in Cluj, Avram Iancu International Airport of Cluj temporarily closed

A plane performing a charter flight from Bucharest and carrying over 100 passengers went off the runway of the Avram Iancu International Airport of Cluj on Thursday during the landing manoeuvres. According to airport representatives, there are no victims and no one was injured.

Avram Iancu International Airport director David Ciceo told AGERPRES that the incident was not caused by the weather conditions.

“The aircraft wasn’t damaged, there are no victims, the landing conditions were good. This didn’t occur because of the airport,” David Ciceo mentioned.

He also said that the aircraft went some 20 metres off the runway, most likely because of the braking manner.

“At about 8:05, a Blue Air Company aircraft coming from Otopeni and heading for Barcelona, with 116 passengers aboard, exited some 20 metres the runway at its end,” David Ciceo added.

David Ciceo told Agerpres on Thursday that the airport has been temporarily closed, until the aircraft that went off the runway upon landing is brought back on the hardstand.

“The airport has been closed until we bring back the aircraft on the hardstand. This means approximately three hours,” David Ciceo said.

Two aircraft due for Cluj Airport landing diverted to Sibiu

Two aircraft that should have landed in Cluj-Napoca on Thursday were diverted to the International Airport of Sibiu, where the air traffic remained unaffected by snowfall, airport spokesperson Nicoleta Boborodea told Agerpres.

“In Sibiu, the airport operates in winter conditions. We have tools, equipment and personnel to handle the situation. We have also received two aircraft that should have landed in Cluj. Our traffic isn’t affected by weather conditions,” Nicoleta Boborodea said.

The first plane scheduled to arrive, according to the timetable, to Sibiu on Thursday is the flight from Munich (Germany) at 13:10. The first aircraft prepared to take off from Sibiu on the same day is the 13:45 flight bound for London.

50 passengers of off-runway aircraft taken by buses from Cluj-Napoca to Sibiu

A number of about 50 passengers who were aboard the Blue Air aircraft that went off the runway of the Cluj-Napoca airport are taken by buses to Sibiu, to board another aircraft bound for Barcelona, Sibiu airport spokesperson Nicoleta Boborodea. Told Agerpres.

“About 50 passengers from Cluj are expected to arrive in Sibiu. They will board the plane that will come from Bucharest and depart for Barcelona,” Nicoleta Boborodea explained.

According to the information received from the International Airport of Sibiu, the Blue Air aircraft that is going to carry the 50 passengers to Barcelona has already taken off from Bucharest, with around 100 passengers on board and is expected to land in Sibiu at 12:10. This plane is going to depart from Sibiu, after it takes over the passengers coming from Cluj-Napoca.

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