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June 27, 2022

Popular Movement: “President Iohannis forgot the obligations generated by the Romanians’ votes”

Popular Movement representatives consider that President Klaus Iohannis should have been present at the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) meeting considering the importance of the event, namely the elections of a new CSM leadership, a communiqué informs.

“The importance of the event called for the President to chair the meeting, at least in order to mark the event and to legitimate at the highest state level the future leadership of CSM. In order for it not to be contested from some quarters. President Iohannis leads the country through delegation. Romania has a deaf and mute president, but also one absent from the country’s helm. Being on an extended vacation in America, far from the country, President Iohanns forgot the obligations and duties generated by the vote cast by Romanians in November 2014. (…) Instead of personally chairing the CSM meeting, President Iohannis delegated this obligation to a presidential aide. President Iohannis did not bother to attend the European Council meetings in Brussels. He delegated Prime Minister Ciolos, although the difference in legitimacy and political weight between the two is obvious,” the Popular Movement representatives claim.
According to the Popular Movement, “Romania’s interests did not take priority before President Iohannis’ extended vacation.”

“Political events that would have called for Romania’s mediation, for President Iohannis’ mediation, are taking place in the Republic of Moldova. A country in confusion, without a government for many weeks, with the possibility of snap elections that would bring to power pro-Russian parties – in which case the Republic of Moldova’s European path would simply be scuttled. The migrant crisis in the European Union has reached a new phase, following the acts of violence with which they terrorized German women and teenagers on the New Year’s night. With all of Europe appalled by these acts of barbarity, President Iohannis would have had the duty to reopen the topic of immigrant quotas, before Romania finds herself in similar situations. Instead of being present at the country’s helm, Mr. Iohannis extends his warm regards and best wishes through Facebook, from the distant America. We don’t believe this is what Romanians voted him for,” the Popular Movement representatives state.

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