772 new cases against Romania filed at ECHR in 2015

The Governmental Agent Directorate with the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) has registered 772 new cases against Romania filed at the European Court for Human Rights (ECHR) in 2015, according to provisional data released by the MAE upon Agerpres’s request.

Most of the cases aim at the material imprisonment conditions (over 350 complaints), the duration of the judicial procedures (more than 60 complaints), the inefficiency of the criminal investigations. According to the source, the number of cases was unchanged as compared to 2014, when 839 new cases were recorded, as communicated to the Government by the ECHR.

“The statistics available so far are provisional. The Court has not actually communicated yet a series of cases it has processed or finalized in 2015. Likewise, it remains to be cleared the fact that not all the requests to the Court are communicated to the respondent state; any demand tabled there passes through an admissibility exam, a significant number of demands being rejected in this stage, without being communicated to the state against which they are directed. So, the statistics aim only those demands that are communicated to the government, so the ones the latter is officially informed about,” the MAE answer says.

The institution also notices the growing rhythm of solving of the cases by the ECHR, stressing that in 2015 it has solved, through the 84 rulings and 196 decisions pronounced and communicated so far, 650 individual demands against Romania. The ministry specifies that out of the 650 demands, 221 were addressing the duration of the judicial procedures, and 103 the material conditions of detention.

“The total granted by the Court through rulings in 2015 and by which a violation of the conventional dispositions was found or by which it decided regarding the granting of an just satisfaction amounts to 6,987,814.66 euro. Out of it, over 5 million euro were given by the Court in five rulings where it has pronounced over the just satisfaction in cases whose background had been already solved by decisions in the 2008-2010 period. These sums include both the material and moral damage, and the trial cost advanced by the plaintiffs. To the sum set through a Court decision are added the sums the Government has admitted to pay through declarations of amicable or unilateral solving; it all amounts to 775,922.5 euro,” says the answer

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