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January 17, 2022

AEP produces explanatory video on postal voting

The Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) produced an explanatory video with the description of the procedures and formalities that need to be completed by Romanian citizens with the domicile or residence abroad who choose to vote by post in the parliamentary elections this year.

In a release sent to Agerpres on Friday, AEP specifies that Romanian voters who have the legal domicile or residence abroad can use as a first postal voting in the elections for the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies of 2016. This type of voting represents an alternative to voting at the polling station and is exercised via postal services.

AEP created and made public an explanatory video with the description of the procedures and forms that need to be fulfilled by those who will exercise their elective franchise at the polling stations set up abroad. The video can be viewed on AEP’s official Facebook page, on the institution’s website and the YouTube channel.

The AEP representatives assure all Romanians with elective franchise that the institution will continue to conduct a wide information campaign on interest election topics, so that the citizens may know their electoral rights, how to exercise them and have access to correct information about any matter related to their participation in the elections.

President Klaus Iohannis promulgated on November 19, 2015 the law on postal voting. The draft law had been adopted by the Chamber of Deputies in October 2015, as decision-making body. The piece of legislation will only be enforced in the parliamentary elections.

The Romanian citizens with domicile abroad who want to register for postal voting must sign up in the electoral register with the postal voting option, based on a written application carrying the date and signature, filed in person or by post with the diplomatic mission or consular office in the domicile or residence state, and having a copy of the passport attached, with the mention of the domicile state, respectively a copy of the identity document.

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