Bucharest heating system could get 176 million euro from EU

Some 19 projects in energy sector worth 494.3 million euro are to receive financing from the European Union through the Large Infrastructure Operational Programme (POIM), the most important being focused on the heating system of Bucharest, according to a document by the European Funds Ministry (MFE).

The Bucharest heating system could receive a 176 million euro. For this project were allocated through the POIM some 187 million euro, representing European money and co-financing from the state budget.

The heating systems of other eight cities could get 197.8 million euro.

Some other 40.5 million euro will be used for eight smart metering projects; 55 million euro will be used to the gas transmission system; and 25 million euro for the electric power transmission.

The said document also says that through the POIM 111.5 million euro were allocated for some projects of producing renewable energy, but no project has been submitted yet. Situation is similar for the monitoring consumption in industry chapter where no applications for financing were filed, although 12.5 million euro were allocated, and for the cogeneration chapter where 67.5 million euro were allocated.

Bucharest experienced interruptions in the heating supply in several neighbourhoods starting last Sunday and early this week, during the coldest days of this winter.

Energy Minister Victor Grigorescu explained on Thursday that the problems were caused by malfunctions and technical issues both at the district heating supplier RADET and at the thermal power plants operator ELCEN, caused by the precarious state of the system, adding that both malfunctions have been completely fixed and the regular operating parameters have been resumed.

In July 2015, ELCEN asserted that RADET was selling to its clients only some 650-700 Gcal/h out of each 1,000 Gcal/h received from ELCEN, the rest being lost in the atmosphere and in the ground due to the broken transport network, improperly insulated and unrepaired, never revamped in years.

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