Jordanian expelled from Romania on national security grounds

Jamal Abdel Jabbar Khalil, a Jordanian citizen, will be expelled from Romania on Saturday, after losing the appeal to a December 29, 2015 to this effect. He was also declared persona non grata for 15 years, on national security grounds.

The High Court of Cassation and Justice (Romania’s Supreme court) sentence against the Jordanian is final; it upholds the previous ruling of the Bucharest Court of Appeals.

According to his brother, Khalil already has his plane ticket for Saturday, had stayed in Romania for 30 years, graduated from a faculty and managed a hotel in the country, and no specific acts were mentioned to support the ban.

Prosecutors of the Bucharest Court of Appeals asserted in a release that the proposition to expel Khalil was made by the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), following some acts that might have threatened the national security, under Law 51 of 1991 on the national security and Law 535 of 2005 on preventing and fighting terrorism.

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