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January 27, 2022

PM Ciolos: I decided to keep political independence and not run in 2016 elections

Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos on Thursday evening told the representatives of the Romanian diaspora in Germany that he would keep his political independence until the end of the prime minister mandate and not run in the 2016 elections.

“We are thinking in the first place to approach a more transparent governance manner, one that is much closer to society, making a greater effort of explaining what we do, even if in the beginning these explanations may seem clumsy from the outside. It is an effort of some people who don’t come from the political area and who don’t want to make decisions backed by certain political objectives. That is why I have also decided to keep this independence by the end of the mandate and not run in the 2016 elections, especially to maintain the credibility that what I want to do as prime minister and what this government wants to do is exactly what it says,” Ciolos said in a meeting with several representatives of the Romanian community in Germany, gathered at the Romanian Embassy in Berlin.

The PM also said that he wanted to send a signal that this mandate, even if it is limited to a one-year period, can engage in a reform process which “can be further continued by the governments to come.”

“Even if this change isn’t or won’t be visible right away, I am positive that what we shall do this year will be felt including in the manner in which Romania will be appreciated abroad and in the EU,” the PM also said.

The meeting with the Romanians in the diaspora began with the state anthems of Romania and Germany and a speech delivered by Ambassador Emil Hurezeanu, with an attendance of about 200 persons.

“Autumn elections must be an example of good organisation”

Dacian Ciolos also stated on Thursday at the meeting with the Romanian community in Germany that the Government wants the upcoming elections, scheduled for the autumn of 2016, to be an example of good organisation, given that Romanians will be able to vote for the first time via postal voting.

“This year that the government took on is an electoral year, a complicated year (…) because we know how difficult it is to provide elections, not only transparent elections, honest, but also well-organised elections, so that everyone can assume their role as citizens. Here I want to assure you that we will make all efforts – and the relation with you will be very important in order to learn from the experience of the past – more or less positive – in order to make sure that the elections we will organise in autumn, in which you will also participate, can be an example of how elections can be organised, even though it will be the first time we will enforce the postal voting law and, as with any beginning, there can be difficulties, but together we will try to prepare so that we can give you all possibilities to benefit from these new opportunities,” the PM stated., according to the Agerpres correspondent in Germany.

Ciolos thanked those in the attendance at the Romanian Embassy in Berlin for their contribution to maintaining Romania’s positive image in Germany.

“The fact that I managed to organise this visit so fast is also due to the fact that for German leaders Romania means, to a great extent, your behaviour here and your presence here and the manner in which you are appreciated and how you represent, in a certain way, what Romania means. I would like us to have the same community and the same appreciation and in all other member states because then with certainty Romania will be seen and perceived differently across the European Union,” the PM said.

Upon concluding his official speech, Dacian Ciolos spent approximately one hour together with those present, with whom he had informal talks and had pictures taken.

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