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February 2, 2023

Prosecutors open case on aircraft overrun on Cluj-Napoca int’l airport

A plane performing a charter flight from Bucharest and carrying 116 passengers went off the runway of the Avram Iancu International Airport of Cluj on Thursday during the landing manoeuvres. According to airport representatives, there are no victims and no one was injured.

A prosecutor and several policemen from the Cluj County Police Inspectorate went at the scene of the incident in order to take the appropriate procedural measures and investigate.
According to the High Court of Justice’s Public Relations Bureau, the Cluj Court of Appeal’s Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation into the circumstances of the incident in which a Blue Air airplane overshot the runway at the ‘Avram Iancu’ International Airport in Cluj.

Avram Iancu International Airport director David Ciceo told Agerpres that the incident was not caused by the weather conditions.

“The aircraft wasn’t damaged, there are no victims, the landing conditions were good. This didn’t occur because of the airport,” David Ciceo mentioned.
He also said that the aircraft went some 20 metres off the runway, most likely because of the braking manner.

“At about 8:05, a Blue Air Company aircraft coming from Otopeni and heading for Barcelona, with 116 passengers aboard, exited some 20 metres the runway at its end,” David Ciceo added.

The manager of the Cluj Napoca Airport declared that “it was a request of pilots towards the control towar that they needed to land urgently, because they had no fuel.” “The machines were clearing off the snow and the landing conditions were good. They went off runway in order to land but the conditions were suitable”, he added, as quoted by Digi24.

In response, Gheorghe Racaru, general manager of Blue Air, the company that runs the plane involved in the Cluj accident, claimed that the plane had enough fuel. “According to regulations, when a flight takes off, it does so with all the fuel it needs to reach destination, for a certain number of minutes including waiting times and fuel for the reserve airport. It is possible that the commander told him that he can stay in the awaiting area for 5, 10 or 15 minutes and afterwards land in Cluj or go to the reserve airport. There was no case of lack of oil whatsoever.

He landed with approximately three tons of oil, that were enough for about an hour and a half of flying”, Racaru pointed out according to Digi24.

Also, Blue Air issued a press release revealing the conditions of the landing of flight no. 0B 9301 Otopeni – Cluj – Barcelona on the Avram Iancu International Airport on Cluj. “In the final stage of braking during the landing procedure, the plane commander noticed that the adherence is not enough to allow stopping on the runway, and thus, the plane slid about ten metres outside the track. According to the weather bulletin released by Romatsa (information received from the representatives of the Cluj airport), at 7:30, braking on the runway could be performed in average to good conditions, as there was a layer of snow. Under these circumstances, according to the plane operating manual, the landing and braking can be performed safely. After the landing, a new weather bulletin was issued, and in this bulletin, the described weather forecast was a coverage of 100% of the runway with wet snow and medium braking conditions.”

One of the plane passengers declared for Digi 24 that the runway was not properly cleared of snow and ice. “The runway was fully covered with snow and ice. The pilot showed professionalism as we are still alive. Different things could have happened if the pilot had failed to react properly”, said Alex Mihai Marin.

A number of about 50 passengers who were aboard the Blue Air aircraft were taken by buses to Sibiu, to board another aircraft bound for Barcelona, Sibiu airport spokesperson Nicoleta Boborodea told Agerpres. “They will board the plane that will come from Bucharest and depart for Barcelona,” Nicoleta Boborodea explained on Thursday.

Two aircraft due for Cluj Airport landing diverted to Sibiu

Director of the Avram Iancu International Airport of Cluj David Ciceo also told Agerpres on Thursday that the airport has been temporarily closed, until the aircraft that went off the runway upon landing is brought back on the hardstand.
Two aircraft that should have landed in Cluj-Napoca on Thursday were diverted to the International Airport of Sibiu, where the air traffic remained unaffected by snowfall.
The air traffic on the western Cluj-Napoca airport resumed after the air incident, the managing director of the Avram Iancu International Airport, David Ciceo told Agerpres on Thursday.
“The aircraft was taken off the runway, it is on a platform, in proper conditions and with 13:45, the air traffic resumed on the Cluj airport. An internal analysis is to be carried out, too, and the committee set by the Transport Ministry will conduct an inquiry of its own, as well,” said David Ciceo.

Freezing rain significantly delays Targu Mures Airport flights’ takeoff

The management of the Targu Mures Transylvania Airport announced on Thursday morning that glaze ice had hindered the departure of the WizzAir 6:30 flight to Memmingen, despite efforts to de-ice the runway. According to the website of the Targu Mures Transylvania Airport, the flights for London Luton and Dortmund have announced delays of approximately 200 minutes.

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