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January 17, 2022

“The Lost Bible” by Igor Bergler, over 50,000 copies sold in the last four months

The event book of the year 2015, “The Lost Bible” by Igor Bergler is nearing sales of 51,000 copies, the Rao Publishing House announces.

The book has established and crashed one record after another, from the one reached during presales – the highest in Romania’s history, of over 10,000 copies, to the one of sales registered during the first weekend since it appeared in book stores – 3,200 copies.

Moreover, the novel by the Romanian author has become the best sold book at the 22nd edition of the “Gaudeamus” International Book Fair – Romania’s most prestigious book-related event, where it sold over 1,600 copies.

Also, here, 125,000 visitors of the fair have declared “The Lost Bible” was the most wanted book of this edition. Record Christmas sales followed and the book reached sales of over 50,000 copies right after New Year’s Eve.

“The book achieved over 20,000 fans on Facebook, which is also an unprecedented thing in Romania”, the representatives of the publishing house pointed out. At this point, Igor Bergler’s novel is the best sold book by a Romanian author in the last 20 years, as the Rao Publishing House announced.

“We should not forget in the least that, in Romania, it is seldom that a book by a local author sells over 5,000 copies. And if it does, it instantly becomes a bestseller.

It is very difficult for us to make comparisons to the sales achieved before ’89 because, in those years, books were printed in impressive editions and sales were somewhat controlled. It was absolutely not a free market.

As for sales during the first years of the Revolution, we have no verifiable figures we can rely on.

Therefore, we may say we are offering the best sold Romanian book of the last 20 years, yet with the mentioned reservations, we may also say that it is one of the best sold Romanian books ever. In any case, so many copies sold so fast are rare even for famous authors of international bestsellers.

It was only Dan Brown who experienced something similar in Romania. And, as you may know, Dan Brown is another author in the portfolio of our publishing house”, Ovidiu Enculescu, Rao General Manager declared.

“The secret of this success depends on several circumstances.

First of all, we have an outstanding novel, a spectacular achievement in a genre that was not really approached in our country.

It was released in impressive visual conditions – it is a beautiful book, also as an object, hardcover with a slip cover in the format of the “RAO Class” collection.

It benefited of a marketing campaign that was also unprecedented in Romania – with a proper investment, an excellent distribution countrywide. And last, but not least, it is a book readers enjoy very much, and they recommend it among themselves.

This snowball named “Word of mouth” in marketing terms is equally responible of the impressive success of the book”, the author declared. The Rao Publishing House is currently preparing to launch the book in Romanian both on Amazon.com and in digital format for Kindle and ibooks.

Up next, “Lincoln’s Last Secret”

Also, RAO took the opportunity to announced Igor Bergler’s next book, “Lincoln’s Last Secret”, a book described as even more spectacular than the first, including even more surprises, due to be launched this autumn.

It was not just the audience that enthusiastically acclaimed Bergler’s first book. Mihai Iovanel, an important critic of the new generation, says that, “besides the likable fact that Bergler offers his thriller a Romanian twist by the Vlad Tepes – Dracula motif, the book proves to be much more intelligent and thrilling than it may have seemed, based on an ‘unqualified omission of actual reading’. Shortly, it is the best thriller published so far by a Romanian author”.

And Pavel Susara, one of Romania’s most reputable art critics, states that “We have to do with a unique book, not just in Romanian literature. It is a book we may compare, changing what is changeable, with Tarantino’s films. It is not a book that flatters the consumption literature, a literature that cultivates boudoir secrets, hair stylists’ secrets, as Dan Brown has done, by example. It has nothing to do with Dan Brown; on the contrary, his book is a form of destructuring this kind of recipe-based literature. Just like Cervantes does, by example, in “Don Quijote”.
The book was translated in English, titled similarly, “The Lost Bible” by Jean Harris and it seeks its international publisher.

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